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  1. What'd You Shoot Today?

    89 Chipping has been horrid lately. so I practiced on my own and went back to wrist hinging. much better score now. Wonder why I ever changed techniques? hope to do well in a tourney his Memorial Day weekend. wish me luck and skill. now here I am again after a long while reading up on golf!
  2. I like the prov1 over the x. Best feels for putting and chipping. But so expensive. Instead. I only use these in dry summer months when greens hard as rock. Otherwise Try E6 Bridgestone Go on eBay and buy used ones for less than .60 a ball, I like switching between these two balls during the seasons.
  3. High loft driver

    Where I'm at with my driver for the 2013. went from the tour burner 10.5 RBZ 9.5 regular burner 12 Now I swing like a bat out of hell with a 9,5 tour burner stiff. average drive 260+ good drives are 300+ been through more swing changes since last year, it never seems to end. I LOVE GOLF!
  4. High loft driver

    The Ping I purchased as it turns out was the last in the store. Well i finally found a 12 degree for same price of 150 at another store. they will mail it to me cause im heading back home after 2 1/2 months of remodeling a home in Atlanta. According to the numbers the 12 degree might be the better choice. Im happy with the 10.5 at the moment after 2 rounds here in Atlanta at Mystery Valley 6300yards from the whites. if the 12 degree works better on the course i'll use it and either sell the 10.5 or learn to get club head speed up. It sounds like I could use a little more launch with slightly more controlled swing speed of my original 90 mph.
  5. High loft driver

    Posting my launch monitor numbers from golfsmith. the monitor numbers I don't think show the excitement that I am having this new driver in play. So it turns out my average total distance gain is 5 yards! seems like so much more of an increase while out on the course. Well anyway here are the numbers for the folks that get into this type of stat and averages Ping G20 10.5 paired with slightly over-weight 218# dude getting grey and feeling the cold days. Club head speed: 91.5 increase from last time of 2.5 mph Ball speed: 134 Launch Angle: 13.82 Side Spin: -1172 this mean draw/hook? Back Spin: 2233 Carry: 217 Total Distance: 245 Im just getting into what these numbers mean and my guess is technique is the only way at this point to get better. So now my driver total distance is 5 yards past my rbz 3, mission sorta accomplished for now :) oh yeah and have a precision table/miter saw to get rough measurement on club loft. just to cure curiosity sake.
  6. High loft driver

    Well to my surprise I walked out with a Ping 10.5 loft. I tried Several adjustable drivers and different lofts however my launch numbers where all over the place nothing the same per club demo speeds and distance had not any significant changes. Then the kid handed me the G20 and said Give this one a try and so I did. I hit it with great accuracy and a better ball speed of 90ish or so I picked up some speed with g20 10.5 and Tried the 12 degree and really went high no real gain, just neat flights. Tried regular and stiff. Went with regular shaft. The golfsmith kid said with my set up I was adding enough loft with the club. 10.5 was looking good. So went on To play a round and was so relieved to have a driver that was working well for me. Straight fade or draw. Descent distance no real great yardage increase. Just longer on average. With this driver g20 I have best consistency letting it fly! The sound of the swoosh and the sound it makes on contact makes Me a happy golfer:) Now im reading about the g20 driver and the reviews on the net and agree with what others are saying about this driver. Im consistent with it and feel my hands turning over through right after impact. This all was a surprise but will still study more on the use of club loft and fitment. The club feels short when swinging. They did not have this club that would adjust. I quickly forgot about having that option of adjustablity after hitting this particular club. Still want to hear about club lofts people are using and pairings with shafts.
  7. High loft driver

    Friday the loft adjustment style Rbz stage 2 comes out and im going to pick it up. 2nd new club ever purchased. the 1st was the rbz 3. Today was warm and got to play and had only 1 penalty of the T box and recorded some drives between 220-275.( i for sure hit more fairways with what seems to be slow speed swing) So it looks like my swing varies greatly and noticed I have some good roll out which got me closer to the green. Would be neat however to have more carry that stops for placement in certain situations. So driver technique is still being refined so the adjustable sounds great. So ill be able to try high loft and will get the launch numbers using 10.5 and 12 at Golfsmith. Sticking with regular flex cause I know my average swing speed is mid 90's at it's most. 88 seems to be average of all swings. Ive been fitted before with stiff and it always seems like work to me. had the older speedline stiff flex and sold it and went back with my regular flex 60gram tour burner from 08. 3 drivers in one sounds great with latest technology to boot.
  8. High loft driver

    Thanks for the replies on this topic. Ah, adjustability sounds very cool. I'll see if they have any High loft drivers that I can try on the launch monitor. This time I'll get some numbers from the monitor. Also take my present driver 10.5 burner for comparison.
  9. High loft driver

    Anyone using HT driver? I think I'll find an old used one to try it out just to see how they make a ball fly. I'm not used to the Indoor range net set-up as of yet. Would like to have one at the range or on the course to see how I would do with more loft. Would be nice to swing down like all my other clubs. Or stand head jus behind the ball and not leaning back so far to catch on upswing. I noticed pros have hardly any loft and this cause of the massive club head speeds from what I gather. I started running every day and working out to see if these things will add speed in my swing And along with improving technique. Until then I want to try more loft like my 3 wood and what it did for my fairway distance.
  10. How many of you use a driver with more than 10.5 degree head? I'm curious cause I've been on the launch monitor at golfsmith and both times they suggest 10.5 regular flex. Now I just got back home and was thinking back on my Rbz 15degree purchase which gives me 230-250 drives. The Rbz replaced my 13degree fairway wood which I hit 210-230. obviously more loft is helping me out. So why not try the same with driver.presently I'm hitting 10.5 degree regular flex 230-250, some 260's same as three wood. My average 3 wood is out driving my driver distance. So makes me think I should try higher loft in driver. Anyone have experience getting longer with high loft driver? Oh btw my swing speed is 88.
  11. My Swing (Gofas)

    these swing It looks like im on plane. no Ott. So I got to keep my arms shoulders from coming in first from top of back swing.
  12. My Swing (Gofas)

    Now how to clear the hips properly and really drag the club through. in slowmo I look so Ott. Cause now I feel im getting my arms out of the swing compared to old swing which good, or at least this is i what I think? And feel maybe by looking at the vid im coming out of posture still. Maybe I jest. more work is likely. however Im enjoying the contact im getting with the long clubs. Club head outside like Ricky Fowler or Gram McDowell. Am I on the right page with all this?
  13. My Swing (Gofas)

    !!!!New Hybrid 4 swing!!!! Trying to be like MVMAC. this all started with take away drill. notice clubhead in front of hands. at least that is what it feels like. This is what I think is the better package for me using the 4 hybrid or any club for that matter. im able to have high or low ball flight depending on ball position. Also swinging like this enables me to spank a 3 wood off the deck. Still unsure of Driver yet. Soon will tell cause Im using almost golfballs which gives me backyard practice with Long clubs.
  14. My Swing (Gofas)

    I got this video of me swinging with hybrid.I will try and get back to the point of the first lesson of my attempt of the new take a way with irons soon. I got kinda carried away from the point of first lesson. I dont use the hybrid as much. Got it back in the bag recently for shots at 200 or a little more. my 4 iron is running at around 185-90 at this point.