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  1. Roy Munson

    Vehicle damage

    Really !!!lol
  2. Roy Munson

    The Future of the Ping Eye 2 Irons

    A few years ago Ping released a 50th anniversary G10 with a PingEye2 look to it ... A classic iron with new technology.
  3. Roy Munson

    ebay golf

    I like to buy from from an authorized retailer for piece of mind that it's legit.
  4. Roy Munson

    Ping G15 irons or G20

    All G series Pings hit/feel the same to me.
  5. Roy Munson

    Top Flite XL 7000 Golf Cubs?

    The driver & putter suck, but the irons are pretty good. It's a good set for the money. I still use the bag, 3W, and 4h out of my old topflite box set.
  6. Roy Munson

    Ping G20

    Irons, and yes they are Pings new GI iron. I think they are to be released sometime this month.
  7. Roy Munson

    Ping G20

    That sounds right. My G10 (xg) heads were made in china and AWT shafts made in USA.
  8. Roy Munson

    Ping G20

    The Ping G20 iron is now up on the Ping website. Do any of you think that there will be a noticeable difference between the G5, G10, G15, and G20. I personally don't think so. Having just purchased a set of new G10's last winter, I couldn't tell a difference between the G10 and G15. I went with the G10 because of price. The G20 iron looks pretty cool though...
  9. Roy Munson

    Warrior Custom Golf

    I just googled them and word SCAM came several times! lol I'm not going to mess with them.
  10. Has anybody herd of um? I received a postcard from them advertising a free hybrid, so I called them. They wanted to charge a credit card $250 and send me a 3W 5W some sort of hybrid and a putter.They wanted me to try them out, send back the 3 & 5W, give them feedback, and I'd get to keep the hybrid and putter. The dude said he would credit back my credit card when they received the woods.... It sounded like a headache! I told the dude no thanks. He then said, Ok how about the hybrid for free (23 bucks S&H;). I told him I'd think about it because I'm in the market for a 3 or 4h... Are Warrior Custom Golf Clubs any good or legit? I've never herd um....
  11. Roy Munson

    Looking at PIng i15

    If their legit, and fit, pull the trigger!
  12. New G10's are approx $450.00 not $800 because they have been around 2-4 years now. I got mine last feb for $62.00 per club with free fitting at an authorized ping dealer.

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