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  1. Ace!!!

    I got my first hole in one yesterday. Par 3 160 yds hit a big cut with a 4 hybrid landed on the green took a couple bounces and dispappeared! The greatest part of all is there was 3 witnesses! Never thought I'd see one let alone get one myself. Unbelievable experience!
  2. Quote: Maybe it's just me but i'm not a free walking billboard/ advertisement system for so and so club/ball manufacturer. Quote: point being: i'm not paying $22 to $30 for a hat that is just an advertisement for clubs/balls. If the hat was free then maybe but paying for it just seems ridiculous and backwards. they should give out hats for free with clubs/balls you purchase if anything. Are you Tiger Woods or Phil Mickelson? If not nobody is going to pay you to wear their clothing. Nobody cares what kind of shirt Joe Schmo is wearing.
  3. I recently bought a adams watson mirror 52 degree gap wedge and a 56 degree sand wedge and love them. I've never been able to hit my wedges consistently but these wedges are very easy to hit. I think they were made with beginner/high handicap golfers in mind.
  4. Quote: I'm almost embarrassed to ask... but what exactly is the AW? I've googled it not 2 days ago to no avail. Thanks It's an approach wedge. Kinda like a gap wedge.