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  1. Shot an 86 yesterday. Due to various reasons it was my first full 18 of the year, so it wasn't that bad. No birdies but no triples either. My putting was shocking, I had about 37 putts, and my short game wasn't too hot either. On the plus side my bunker shots were good and I'm hitting my irons fairly solid. Was hitting the 4-iron like a dream off the tee, 200~ish straight down the middle every time. On the equipment sie of things I am not happy with my driver, 3-wood or hybrid. I just couldn't hit any of them. I suppose I just need practice though, not buy new clubs :P P.S The WITB bellow is completely wrong, I tried to change it but apparently it never worked.
  2. I prefer using the White Steel model because the insert on the XG is too soft for me, however many people like it. Try and find a place where you can try them out.
  3. I don't know where you could try them but if you decide to buy them, get them off the golfsmith website. The price is ok and six dozen free balls (even the tour ones) when you buy http://www.golfsmith.com/display_pag...idgestonepromo
  4. I would try and find a place where you can try lots of different irons before you make a purchase. I was set on the Cobra FP's but when I tried them on Sunday I didn't like them, so I ended up with the Clevelands which I really like. Here are some irons you may want to try, considering you have the same handicap as me these should fit your ability level, although buy whatever you feel the most comfortable with. Cleveland CG Gold Callaway X-20 Cobra FP Nike Ignite Mizuno MX-25 Ping G5 Taylormade R7 Titleist 775.CB
  5. A hybrid club is a club that is a cross between a wood and an iron. It is far easier to hit than a low-lofted iron which is what most beginners or high-handicappers replace for their hybrids. Some better players replace high-lofted fairway woods with hybrids as they offer more control. Your idea as to what clubs you need is ok but for a beginner this sort of ser may be easier to use: A high lofted driver. Maybe 11-13* They are easier to hit than low-lofted drivers. A three wood is a good option but they are fairly difficult to hit off the ground. 3+4 hybrids are also good options. 5-SW For a beginner oversize game improvement irons are a good choice. A putter. Putters are completely based on personal preference. See what you like the best. I hope that helped. But remember to get lessons from a pro and no equipment can make up for a lack of practice.
  6. Both the MX-25's and the MX-19's came out at the same time. The only differences I know of between the two are that the 25's are forged, have less offset and narrower soles. The MX-25's are better clubs.
  7. SuperQuad TP 10.5* Burner TP 14.5* 3-Wood X Hybrid 18* X Hybrid 21* MP-60 4-PW Vokey Spin Milled 52.08 Vokey Spin Milled 58.12 Scotty Cameron Studio Design Newport Pro-V1 Irons and wedges have Rifle Flighted 5.5 shafts and drivers, woods and hybrids have regular Aldila NV85 shafts.
  8. You're doing fine. It sounds as though you are keen on the game but don't play too often. I took up the game in December last year and now I play off of 20. However I'm at school and in the summer holidays I played golf 6-7 times a week.
  9. drewmart

    Slow Starts

    If you have a practice putting green on your course spending 10-15 minutes putting before your round does wonders for your first few holes. Also if you have a weighted club swinging that for 5 minutes really helps you warm up.
  10. I did the survey. I hope the results are useful.
  11. I carry the ball about 210 with 15-20 yards of roll. I think that your categories are too spread out. Maybe instead of 201-260, 201-230 and 231-260 would give you a better idea of what people actually hit.
  12. I would recommend the Titleist NXT Tour if you don't want to spend the money on premium balls. They are about 5-10 yards shorter than the HX Hot but they can stop on a dime. Maxfli Noodles are also quite good.
  13. As I have got better at golf I have started to hit the ball further and more accurately. In my irons that means a 20 yard slice has turned into a 5 yard draw. Which is fine, but in my hybrids a 10 yard fade has turned into a 10 yard draw and my mishits are going 30 yards left. However as long as you know how much you slice/hook/fade/draw the ball consistently you should be ok.
  14. You say your getting lessons. Ask your teaching pro what balls he recommends, he should know your game fairly well. My teaching pro recommended NXT-Tours for me as he said I would not notice the benefit from a Pro-V1 but would over a cheaper ball. I was intent on buying Pro-V1's but my pro saved me £15 and he was right, I can't tell the difference.
  15. Clean clubs, wash towels, clean balls if they are still in good conditon, mark the balls, spend 10 minutes putting, 10 minutes chipping and half an hour on the range. Or at least, that's what I intend to do...
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