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  1. I am going to play 3 rounds in my week there. Looking for suggestions on courses to play. I am trying to keep it under 400 bucks in fees for the week.
  2. I understand GPS is against the rules unless a local committee authorizes the use of the GPS for tournament play. But in a normal, everyday round, is it ok to use one ?
  3. I am a 33 year old, 5'11, 165 pound electrican. I am not terribly out of shape, but not in great shape, either. My lower back has been bothering me ( gets so tight and painful sometimes I have to quit what I am doing ) and a couple of my buddies suggest I start stretching regularly. I have decided to put together a complete weekly regimine and stick with it. I want it to be geared toward making me a better golfer, but also a well rounded plan that will keep me healthy overall. I know many of you guys post about your workouts on here and I have spent time reading many of your posts. I play ice hockey a couple months of the year, December and January, so my legs are fairly strong. I run year round, once a week or more, depending on weather. I don't spend much time lifting, although I am going to in one fashion or another in this new training. My upper body could use some more muscle mass, and my core needs more strength. I am considering incoporating pilates into this plan.. people say it does wonders for stretching muscles and building core strength. I play at least 5 or 6 rounds a month on average, and I think the stretching will benefit me greatly. Diet is important here, also, and I assure you my diet is well balanced and generally a good one. I really appreciate any input into building my routine/plan. Thanks, everyone. I will try to reply to any questions and comments when I can. -Bill
  4. Who golfs with their wives?

    Your buddy was right. Thanks for the laugh.
  5. Garmin Approach G5 Owners Check In

    I will never give up my G5. Garmin has produced an excellent product. Measurements are dead on with laser measurements 99 percent of the time ( always within a yard or two ), and it tracks all the stats I need it to. The user interface is simple... and the free course map updates are a nice touch. It will measure distances for each club, and calculate your average distance with each. I don't see any reason to buy anything else. Especially when you consider there is no monthly / annual fee. Best product available, in my opinion.
  6. Garmin Approach G5 GPS

    I haven't used SkyCaddie. I do own a Garmin Approach G5. My buddy uses a Bushnell laser on the course... and my G5 is dead nuts on the measurement he gets from his laser. I have never seen it more than 2 yards off the measurement he shoots. More than half of the time it is exactly the same measurement. For my dollar, I will skip the annual/monthly fee and keep my Garmin. The color screen is fabulous. I can track my GIR, FIR, and putts for the round with it also.
  7. Rory McIlroy the new face of golf?

    I really hope Rory becomes the face of golf . Right now... to most people... Tiger is still the face of golf. That being said, I think golf could use a golfer with Rory's manners and personality as it's "face", instead of Tiger Woods. Woods isn't exactly a model citizen, and many people in the press can't stand his attitude.
  8. I am going to purchase the G15 Driver, 3 wood, and 5 wood. They have just been reduced in price because the G20's are out now. I already have the G15 irons and hybrids in my bag. My question is, how long do you guys think I will still be able to find new G15 clubs on sale at Golf Galaxy or any other Golf Retail Ping dealer ? I would like to wait a month or two to save up a little extra cash but I am afraid they may be off the shelves by then. How long will it be before I won't be able to find any new G15 woods anywhere? I could use the credit card and get them now... but I just like paying for things with cash. Thanks for any info.