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  1. Travis Mathew shirt and a tour velvet grip for my driver. Remember the good old days when grips were a buck?? Daaang they are expensive now. Anyway, for those of you that like trendy, hip, and cool looking golf shoes, check out kikkor.com. I actually found a them when I came upon this coupon site. Pretty cool actually, check it out... http://www.likeacoupon.com/2011/05/30-off-kikkor-golf/
  2. I know Pings were more popular in the past, you think they are still a good buy?? Thanks.
  3. jtad


    This might sounds stupid, but I have this feeling about Spencer Levin. The young kid is fearless and doesn't care about anyone out there. He improves every season. I think he'll do well this week and go on to win an event later this year. But for the Transitions, I gotta go with Sergio as well.
  4. Riviera and LA North probably two of the best courses in the world. I personally like Riv a little more, but both are awesome. I would love to play there on a regular, but that ain't happening any time soon, haha. :(
  5. I guess i need to hit a draw! Good to be able to hit both i guess.... I'd say most hackers hit slices.
  6. Rule of thumb, don't shortside yourself. Easy to remember, but hard to stick to at times. Train your eyes to to automatically work that way. Never hurts to play for the middle of the green every time. I caddied on tour for some time, and you'd be surprised, they don't just shoot at pins. The greens are way to firm and the rough is too long for them to get up and down easily when shortsided.
  7. I hate wen people take a mulligan. It's like, c'mon, you're next one isn't going to be any better! But what the hell, gotta get your moneys worth while you're out there huh.
  8. Now this is something I would buy. Caters to the lazy golfer (like me) who doesn't want to clean their clubs the right way :)
  9. What's all this talk about Stack and Scatter?? It's like, golf has been around for a long time, then all of a sudden there's this new miracle way to hit it, not only straighter, but longer. I've yet to see one LPGA tour player stack and tilt, and if there are any, you never see them playing well.
  10. That's like my dream living room, a huge, fast, pure, and true putting green. Now you have no excuses for 3 putts!!
  11. Shot 75 at La Mirada GC in La Mirada. That course is easy though so I'm not super excited about it. But I guess shooting in the 70s for me is good anytime. Got a tee time at Costa Mesa GC on Friday, so we'll see how that goes. Hopefully Los Lagos is good to me! BTW, saw a deal at likeacoupon for 50% off tee times on course 2, Mon-Thurs. Goodnight, time to dream about making birdies...
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