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  1. Great contest! Here's why I NEED a Tour Striker. For the many years I've been a 13-15 index. Always short, high - and misses were badly right. A few months ago, saw my local highly rated pro - he looked at two of my swings and commented, "You're casting the club - we need to build more lag into your swing." And proceeded to do just that over the next several weeks. Trajectory lower, more distance, etc. Index drops to a 10. I'm happy. But over the next several months, my high, short trajectory is back. Contact is uncertain. Descending blow cannot
  2. I know little about equipment choices except what's in the popular magazines, so here is today's experience and question: I'm currently an 11.4 index, been hitting an '09 Burner with stock regular shaft. Lessons have recently corrected a host of swing flaws, so now my normal driver ball flight is a gentle draw. Drives average to ~240 over last several rounds. Misses are still occasional weak, high right pushes of only ~200. Today I played the last 11 holes of the round with a brand new R11, stock S shaft (the Fujikura Blur 60). My son just purchased one and I started hitting
  3. Both Breed and Hall have given novel ideas which I've toyed with, with limited success. When I retell them to the pro I'm working with, he never directly calls it bunk...but provides direct instruction and exercises which do a much better job of accomplishing the intended result than The Golf Channel instruction does. At least for me.
  4. This topic is the first thing my pro touched on when I started up a series of lessons with him recently (am still in the middle of it). I noted to him my irons were typically high and short, and he took a look at my swing and noted I was casting the club. First thing he did was have me slowly swing the club from top and guided the shaft through release to have me feel how different the correct swing felt - hands much closer to my thighs at impact, forward shaft lean and much different feeling of position of both wrists. He had me do the "pump" drill as well. After several weeks and a
  5. Now that I'm working with my pro, he's shown me (for my swing issues) how to practice, how to diagnose the results and work on corrections. All stuff I never knew before (and thus a bucket of balls was just mostly some pleasant exercise with no substantive improvement). So now I'm hitting 400+ balls a week, typically 4 to 5 days a week. Most days I'll hit through a large bucket, some busy days it's only a medium, and in the worst of the rain I won't make it out. Just trying to make the changes in my swing stick. I figure once we get to the topics of sand and putting, practice time w
  6. Hi, I'm new to this forum and this is my first post - I'm a 12.3 in the NorCal Bay Area and am in the middle of lessons with a local pro. I've been a long-time "weak, high slice" kind of guy, ball flight with irons and driver balloons. My pro told me essentially I was casting and thus adding loft. I was also too wide on backswing and really dodgy with contact. With a few key changes to my swing he has me hitting through the ball with much more authority. I hesitate to use the term "hitting down" for all the incorrect implications of that nomenclature, nevertheless forward lean and m
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