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  1. Nub, you have some good impact angles in your arms and flat left wrist.. Great job. Next post lets see vids of dtl, face on and from behind. This will help show what areas to work on. First off lets work on the set-up. Do you notice your shoulder are tilted away from the target but your hips are level? We need to fix that as that set-up sets you up for a high rear hip and the lead hip dipping down and toward the ball. Kick in your rear knee toward the ball this will allow the rear hip to match the angle of your shoulders. Know lets work on your backswing. Notice how your hands sta
  2. Once you have got more depth at the top. I want you to feel as though your roll both feet toward the target. You have a transistion move where you get your weight straight away on your toes. the right foot moves toward the ball and your right hip is now in the way for your arms. You then have to back out of it to make room.... Start the transition in the following order left knee left hip and left shoulder pull left and way from your center. In your feet you will feel both roll toward the target and then the weight shift to the left heel. It will feel as though you are falling away fr
  3. great job K. That is not over the top by any means........ Your swing looks so much better. you are an athlete. I like how you try to start the turn with your right shoulder. You can see at 830 in the bs the butt of the club pointing closer to the belly button. I would like to see even more passive hands on the first part of the takeaway. continue working on wrapping a towel around the head of the club and feel the right shoulder puul the butt of the club.. Do you notice because you keep the club in front of you there is a great improvement on the amount of lifting at the end of
  4. sorry I am not qualified to teach the blind. Good luck
  5. If that is what you believe, good luck with your swing. Because I cannot help someone that denies the obvious. By the way ST and tilt is based of of Morad and macs low flying wedge.
  6. Mott. Check out hogan in this video. Pause it right away, grab a pen and hold the tip of the pen at the back of the right buttock. Press play. Do you notice the pen ends up in the middle of the right hip at the top? Then watch the downswing. Notice his left hip then clears way left of the starting line. This is why you want the chair on a 45. \ Golfer . Ball Understand my diagram? That view is looking down on the golfer if you were god. This is a good drill to learn the depth required to have room for your arms to swing properly. The right buttock does move toward th
  7. This is what happens when you try to drop it in... Lets see the video before you diagnose yourself. Remember Rome was not built in a day. All we were looking for is changing the first link in the swing it will slowly start to fall into place over time. Be patient stay the course and lets work on the backswing. By the way Stadler won the mastesr coming over the top. Leitzki was one of the best ball strikers on tour and he had a classic over the top move. This guy took several months of and could come back and compete right away. Lets see the video.
  8. Just a quick word. The chair should be angled at a forty five. The part near the target should be away from your butt..... \\\\\\\\ The way you have it you limit the depth of your turn and give no room for the arms to work. You are stuck and your right hip is in the way on the downswing..
  9. Just one quick response to your drawings. To backswing pictures where you say this is not a problem. Do you notice how his left arm is across his chest and his hand are at belly button height? Look at tiger if that is your benchmark. Tigers hands are in front of his chest not behind him. Notice the shaft plane is running through the elbow while tigers is throught the bicep? Notice how his shoulder have steepened as a reaction from the club being so far behind him.... How does his arm plane go from an extremely flat angle a steeper angle relative to the shoulder? Thats because he
  10. Everything. Pause the 6 iron swing at 11 sec.. You dont think it is a problem that the butt of the club is pointing to the right of the ball? You dont think that the club head is behind his body and below the right forearm plane is a problem? Then he lifts the club into a upright position where his momentum causes is upper body to lean towards the target. This is his transistion move. You dont see this move as a reason why he comes over the top? Let me guess he needs to learn to drop it in the slot.. That way he can hit a draw and be so happy.. Then 6 months later he will won
  11. Dont think about cocking the wrists..... This will happen naturally if the club head is kept outside the hands. The lead forearm will rotate and the cocking just happens.. another thing only work on the backswing work. do not get tempted to work on anything else... Stay the course. dont forget reverse k set-up.
  12. If you were to stop the video when your arms are around 8:30 on the backswing the butt of the club should be closer to your right hip then at address and still pointing at your belly. When you look at yours at 830 the butt of the club is pointing at the target and the clubhead is behind your chest... The biggest thing you want to do is keep the club in front of the chest........................... This will take the hands out of the swing...... Start the backswing with your right shoulder and right hip turning away from the ball. This will be a pivot controlled backswing.
  13. Having trouble downloading video to my V1 software. Quick glance you are still swaying and more importantly you are getting on top of your hip rather then into the right side. Do you notice how your right hip is high and lost its level at the top of the swing? This causes your shoulders to be to steep. At the top you have dropped the left hip and never got off your left side. So How can you slide into your left side. You dont want to slide anyway. By never getting into your right side and steep shoulders you will have to back up and out of the shot because you are ahead of the
  14. Nuub, You have any face on video?
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