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  1. Hogan had a great set that did just that. Nike had one out last year (VR combo I believe). You might want to check in to those.
  2. After reading through this thread I think that you guys have answered my questions. My dad is looking to get new irons. His Hogans are in need of retirement badly. Anyways he regularly shoots in the 80's, and prefers his clubs about 1/2 an inch long. He is going to go to a demo day at the course to hit some clubs before making a purchase, and to get the right custom fit. My brother and I both play the AP2's and he likes those, but also wanted to know what else was in that play ability range. So I've gathered that the TM Rocketbladez, AP2's and Callaway XHot Pro's are al
  3. I would look into the Taylor Made TP3 (or even older is the TP Black), the Bridgestone e series, or the Srixon Q Star. They're both significantly cheaper than the balls that you mentioned above, and at a 17 handicap the difference wont take strokes off of your game. The TP3 feel great off the putter face, and they spin pretty well off of the low irons. My theory is to get twice as many balls for the same price. There are good deals on the balls on many websites (rock bottom, TGW, etc.)
  4. I do a few wedge bounces with each ball that I try to get a "feel" for them. The Z-Star was the softest of the Pro V1x, Taylor Made TP5, Callaway Hex (Chrome and Black). As far as the B-330 series I can't make an accurate comparison. I can definitely say that they are much softer than the e5, e6 and e7. Sorry that I can't help any more.
  5. I definitely wouldn't use Pro V1's or any other "top end" ball. The balls that other users recommended (e6, DT solo, etc) are all good options. Check out some websites like rockbottomgolf.com where they sell bulk, used balls, for a good price. As a poster above me mentioned, lessons, and the driving range are a better place to spend the $$.
  6. 1st Choice: Rory (-11) 2nd Choice: Justin Rose (-10) 3rd Choice: Mahan (-10)
  7. Has anyone here played any of the top courses in RI? Thoughts or comments on any of these? Newport CC, Wannamoisett, Agawam Hunt, Carnegie Abbey, or Rhode Island CC A lot of great courses is such a small place.
  8. Yeah I mean the prices are definitely too low to be legally advertised. So either this guy is going to get in trouble with the big companies, or he's selling Chinese knock-Offs. Some of the knock offs are nearly indistinguishable these days. I don't trust it.
  9. The hosts of Morning Drive on the Golf Channel were wearing some awesome sweaters with a masters symbol on them. I've searched the internet with NO success. Does anyone know where to get these or who makes them? Someone on here must have the answer!
  10. Good point. I had done that. Everything about it seemed a little fishy. Hence the reason I posted the question on these forums instead of buying from an unknown website. So far it seems like a good non-purchase
  11. Good info. Yeah I cant trust a website that looks too god to be true. However it would be a nice place to get clubs if they were trustworthy. Anyone with any good news on them?
  12. I'm not sure if this is the correct section of the forum to post this. Please direct me where to post it if it is in the wrong section. Anyways I was looking around the internet and stumbled upon this website and their prices seemed too low to be true. Has anyone ever used this site or heard of it? I didn't want to get any knock-offs. Especially as a present for someone else. Thanks guys!
  13. To the OP. I have the same irons as you and a similar handicap. I use a 51, 54 and 58 for my wedges. I know it's a weird setup, but it works for me. My PW is about 130, so each club knocks off about 15 from there. 51 - 115 54 - 100 58 - 85 and in
  14. I have had a similar problem to you for as long as I can remember. (Thank you Irish heritage) Anyways I have been using Coppertone Sensitive Skin Faces. Its SPF 50 and has not only kept me from burning it washed off well in the shower and doesn't irritate my super-sensitive skin. I think it's a step above the neutrogena brand. Neutrogena is a little more oily. Hope this helps.
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