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  1. Welcome fl,,from central jersey.
  2. I think it was a great move by cobra. Puma is a solid company. Now they have a club and clothing line.
  3. Welcome dunn,,new guy from nj here. 48 yoa. Golfing for arround 6 years.
  4. Have to try that 20 on 20 off. Sounds interesting.
  5. Yes. I found it difficult to trasition from mat range to golf course. Much better from grass range to course, if available. Good tips.
  6. We needed to .the weather this winter was bruttle. got away to myrtle last week..that was a treat.
  7. There is no doubt about it. They make a great ball and have great fitting.
  8. hello everyone. New member from the east.
  9. Bridgestone e6