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  1. OnCore Genius Golf Ball

    Seriously guys, if you are wanting to find golf balls, just invest in a pair of these!!!!
  2. Clip towels

    Ok, here goes..... 1 - Always tuck in my shirt, a) because it looks good and b) because I have a little bit of belly. 2 - Don't own cargo short, maybe there is hope for me. 3 - I have them, growing up we had a family friend that dressed this way....definite no - no for me 4 - Oakleys, no on this one 5 - Nope 6 - Does Apple watch count? 7 - Not every spring, but I will invest in a new putter every so often - NO 8 - Guilty 9 - Nope 10 - I would love to wear a Payne Stewart outfit, but not ballsy enough to pull it off I dont' think I qualify as a nerd, bucket had aside.
  3. Clip towels

    Oh, I do already a set of iron covers (assuming that is what you mean). Now I only use them for when I travel (and I take them off in the hotel room long before anyone sees them on the clubs), but I do have them. That will be a late 2018 add to my nerd factor. Thanks for reminding me.
  4. Clip towels

    Oh wow, what a timely topic. Confession, I have lost a towel in the last 4 weeks. Driving from the house to the golf course in the golf cart, it must have blown off my bag. I looked in the street, and it's nowhere to be found. That said, I went to local golf store and bought a nice long "golf" specific towel because I didn't want to offend my wife by stealing a bath towel (and staying happily married is high on my list of things to do). I recently went to a 14 divider bag and lay the towel over the clubs. 1/4 wet, 3/4 dry is my preferred towel setup. I have started walking, with a pushcart (holy smokes, if I add a ball retriever to go along with my bucket hat I have the nerd look down pat) so the bag and towel are never far from me on the green. My dilemma, I restocked on golf balls last week and Snell had an offer to add a towel. Without thinking, because I am a huge Dean Snell fan, I added a towel to my order. It is delivered and low and behold, it is smallish towel with a clip in the corner. The horror........ So in my round yesterday, I began to notice that the large towel sitting on top of the clubs, or snaked between them, makes it difficult to see where the club goes in the 14-way divider. So as I am walking, part of my post -shot routine has become wondering if maybe the clip towel I got from Snell might make it easier to use. Rationalization? Maybe....but these are the troubled times I live in. Guys, can I get some help. I already meet several of the nerd qualities (pushcart, bucket hat, 14 divider bag, Sketcher shoes), should I just bite the bullet and clip the towel to the side of my bag and get rid of the big towel? If the answer is yes, I am sure I will be back here in six months asking for the input on what ball retriever to add to my bag.
  5. OP I have used GG and currently use Arccos. What has been said above is my experience as well. GG for me worked just as well as Arccos. I went with Arccos because I liked not having to remember to tap anything, but when I was doing it, it was not that big an issue. Both are going to have some missed shots and/or bad GPS readings just because of nature. I actually nearly went with the Sky GOlf Game Tracker a month or two ago just to try it, but it was out of stock, so I can't speak to that one, but my guess is it's about the same. Arccos will talk about its Caddie function, which sounds really cool, but the reality is it has a long way to go. I support it, but honestly, it has a ways to go before anyone should make the decision to buy Arccos over GG for that part of the program. Bottom line, both are good at what they do. I can't find where there is much difference (right now) between the 2 on stats, so pick one and roll.
  6. I voted for pre-shot because, for me, it is more important that I get into the right mindset to assure I am mentally ready to hit the shot. However, as of lately, I have started to put more emphasis on the post shot. Recognizing the feelings and results of shots can help me later in a round. So said another way, pre-shot for me is more important across multiple round, but post shot is becoming more important during the current round.
  7. What type of golfer are you?

    Laid back golfer here. A lot of my rounds are played with my 3-year-old in the cart with me, so if I can withstand "Daddy look at this bug" in the middle of my backswing, I promise there is not much you are going to be able to do to worry me. Walk on my line, who cares, honestly, your footprint has a good a chance of knocking it online and into the hole as it does knocking it out. Walking while I am hitting, good, get to your ball so we don't hold up play. The only thing that probably bothers me is playing behind a group who sits beside the 18th green and puts everything away. Had this happen last week and up until this, I had never gotten upset on the golf course (except at my moron decisions). Seriously, the group said about 15 yards from the 18th green while they added up the score, cleaned their clubs and then up everything in their pockets away. That was the longest 5 minutes of my life.
  8. Is golf more mental or physical?

    And I have never heard anyone say that a golfer who hits it 300 yards could always beat one who hit it 200 yards. I think the real answer is, in golfers with equal physical ability, mental matters. Where the physical ability is different, the mental is much less important. For ME, mental matters because I am exactly the same physical golfer as I am where I think or not. So for me to maximize my potential, I have to be mentally smart.
  9. Is golf more mental or physical?

    The Dustin Johnson / Jordan Speith argument would make sense to me if the object was to hit the ball the longest, as in Dustin Johnson is a shoe-in to win a long drive contest against Jordan Speith. However, in a golf tournament, the objective is to get the ball in the ball in the hole in the fewest number of strokes. Its still physical ability, but who can hit the ball the longest in that contest, does not matter.
  10. Tips for getting out of the rough

    What is the rough you are talking about, we only hit fairways here! I kid, of course. The advice I would give is that all rough is created differently. Depending on the grass, some is not horrible, and some is miserable. Assuming you are playing out of the miserable stuff, most times I find the grass wraps around the hosel and pulls my ball left. Also, if the ball is sitting down, you won't get much spin, so it's going to roll for days. Welcome to the site and more importantly, welcome to a great game. You will find alot of good stuff here.
  11. Is golf more mental or physical?

    How about approaching this from a slightly different perspective, can a pool mental game offset or lesson the effectiveness of a very good golfer? At the tour level, how much of the difference between #1 and $500 on the official world rankings would you attribute to being mentally better vs physically? Several here have played with elite level golfers who for one reason or another can't make it. Is the difference at that level mental?
  12. scramble strategy

    My advice, be the last one in. It never fails that every scramble I have ever played in, it seems the last group in wins more times than not.....usually by a single stroke, so I guess grinding over that last putt is worth it.
  13. Is golf more mental or physical?

    I disagree with this one. I do think the mental game takes practice, or at least for me it does. However, you are correct in that it does change (changing your word from sorts itself) as you get better. I think it primarily changes because of the ability to do what you plan to do changes. The mental game of a 20 handicap player should be different, and is different, from that of a tour pro. Can a 20 handicap be better mentally than a touring pro, I don't know, but I doubt it would look like it because even if the 20 was thinking better, the likelihood that the shot would come out as planned is smaller. I do agree that it is not something that should be built independently, but rather something that should be improved in conjunction with improvement in physical ability. No doubt that the better the swing, the better the result. Upon reflection, I guess the better answer to the poll is that physical. A better physical player will nearly always beat a less skilled player. But with 2 players of nearly equal ability, I think the stronger mental player would win more often if they played often. So when I say mental being more important, I am thinking about my game. For me, I am physically what I am, so for ME, its more important now to focus on mental game. See, there you have it, someone changed an opinion based on reading a forum!
  14. Is golf more mental or physical?

    For me (and again, I speak for exactly one person, ME!), exactly what you describe is mental and not physical. Because you have not practiced it, because you do not at that specific point in time possess the skill set necessary to pull off the shot, you made a mental error. Yes, you are correct in that if you had tapped out from under the tree into an open area on the fairway, you would have lost a shot, but you would have only lost a single shot, not the potential shot, plus stroke plus distance had you not had someone find your ball for you. The scenario you describe is exactly what I consider mental. I often try shots that I am not comfortable with physically. Why, because it is impossible to be 100% confident over a shot that I have never had nor practiced because I never dreamed up a scenario on the range. Happens on the PGA tour some I have to believe. But by taking a stronger mental approach, I can minimize the damage and lose fewer stokes. I can see how some would consider that physical because it involves a shot, I happen to call it mental.
  15. You sir have just found the secret to uniting our country!!!