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  1. The "friendly wager" dilemma....

    Man, this reminds me of the 1 and only time I have every been "pressured" into a bet with a stranger. Resort course, single and they pair us up. Nice guy. As we wait on the tee to go off of 1, he casually mentions he "plays better with a little bit on the line". I told him I usually just play for fun, but I can tell he is a little put off. Finally, after I hit my tee shot down the middle, he asks if I would play for $5 a side and $10 to the overall low score if he gives me 2 strokes a side. Now I have just hit it down the middle, probably 250ish. I figure I can stand to lose $20 and if it makes for a more enjoyable round for my new golf partner, fine I am in. Well, after 2 holes I was up probably 6 stokes, with 2 pars to his 2 triples. After nine I think I was up about 10 strokes. As we pull up to 10 tee, he mentions he is down a bunch and I tell him, look we should just enjoy the back and don't worry about paying for the front. Nope, he says he wants to at least win back the 5 he lost on the front, so the back can we make it for $10 and then $10 for the overall. I say what the heck. Finish 18, he may have won 2 holes all round, probably shot close to 100 because I promise I don't remember breaking 80. Tells me as we walk off 18 that his money is in his car and he will catch me in the grill. As I am putting my clubs in the car, I hear him start his car and drive off. Guess the amount didn't matter to him as he was not planning on paying up anyway. Good lesson for me, even if you win, and you don't know the person, you may not win anyway. So why bother playing for money with strangers?
  2. Concentration tips

    Interesting topic as this is something I have started working on with an instructor a few weeks ago. We started with a playing lesson. He pointed out to me that I had a pre-shot routine (a good thing) but all I was doing in my PSR was lasering the flag, pulling a club and then addressing the ball. Once I addressed the ball, I started doing all my thinking and planning. Where to hit, where to miss, etc, was all being done over the ball. At time, it feels like I can have more thoughts between the time my club is knee high on my downswing until I hit the ball than most have in an entire round. We are working on now triggering me from a "thinking place" to a "hitting place". I am experimenting with different things, (redo grip on glove, tapping bill of cap, etc.) to physically get me to turn my brain off. As an ADD person, this triggering is really helping.
  3. Arccos Caddie

    I have it, used it several times in the last month. I have used both Game Golf and Arccos, using Arccos for the last 2 years. In fact, I was about to ditch Arccos when they made the announcement about Arccos Caddie. I had such high hopes, and to some extent, I have been really let down. Pitching wedges off the tee on par 5's, and some other "interesting" suggestions show me this technology is not there yet. I do have interest when they roll out the version that continues to offer advice down the fairway, but for now, I think I may just unplug my sensors and enjoy golf for awhile.
  4. Thank you all!!!

    DFW area here as well. Where do you play?
  5. OK, maybe not as dramatic as the headline reads, but I am looking for some input. I have had a couple of lessons with putting lately (one at a charity event and one that I paid for). Charity event was with Dave Stockton Jr and he is amazing. Not very technical, but very much feel, visualize and believe. My teacher was more technical. Few of the things I have to work on are staying steady over the putt and not letting my head move backward at impact. I think I can do this. I can focus on keeping my head, but, etc still and at least in practice, can do that. The other big thing both pointed out was i really release the club head at and at impact. I thought I was doing the right thing, but when both pointed out the same thing, I may need to change, but I am having a devil of a time actually making that change. Stockton image was to keep the shaft perpendicular to the ground and be able to drop your putter to the turf after impact. Instructor was to feel like my hands were moving past my left pocket. Both of these make total sense to me, but I am still not able to do it. Can anyone give me other ideas to actually make this happen? All input welcome.
  6. Golfing with people who don't care about golfing

    Great example of this last weekend at a partner event at our course. My partner (who I had never met before) failed to show up. Pro shop paired me up with another guy who partner had gotten sick. I was playing off an 8, 10 strokes better than my partner and about 20 strokes better than the 2 other guys we played with. I don't know that I have had a more enjoyable round. The other team were two older gentlemen who were absolute blast to play a round of golf with. Even though we were in an MGA event and normally I try hard to score, I found that in this round I was just enjoying the outing. Some of the stories were fabulous and even though I obviously scored better, I found joy in just being with them.
  7. Golfing with people who don't care about golfing

    And this is the reason golf will struggle moving forward. I love to play with new golfers. I carry a single digit handicap, can be really good (and can be really REALLY bad). I love the opportunity to show them that just because you have been doing it for a long time, or just because you hit some great shots, you can also have holes that you fall apart. New golfers are already self conscience enough without being told how horrible they are.
  8. Congratulations!! Thanks for letting us live through you for a few days. Go get'em next time!
  9. Former Arkansan here, been following this thread and wanted to send some good luck your way. Hit'em long, hit'em straight and most of all, enjoy the event. You have earned your way in now just relax and let this be the first of many events. WPS!
  10. I actually emailed them and solution is to unpair (delete) all the clubs and repair. I will try that anyway. Add that to your list of Arccos knowledge!
  11. @IanW Since you are my go to AG wizard.... I am putting new irons into play and wonder if there is a way to "reset" the distances so I can tell how the new irons perform, not just let them flush through as I play more. The only thing I can think of is to just delete all the old rounds and start over, but seems there should be a way I don't lose historical data.
  12. Beginners' Scoring System

    I set up my own par for each course, going to so far sometimes of actually crossing out par on the scorecard and making my own par. If I was shooting for 100, I made par 95. it was amazing to me how 380 yard par 6 was to make a "birdie 5" but when it was a 380 yard par 4, I would make 6-7 every time. I applaud you for finding a way to make the round enjoyable.
  13. Dress Codes

    One other point I would like to make about dress codes, and I suspect this applies more to courses that are not ultra exclusive, in a time when we are looking to grow and expand the game, I think courses should educate people who come dressed outside of the rules of the dress code. If you are collar shirt course and a person comes dressed in a nice, but non-collar shirt, you can remind him that its a collar only facility and send him off the first tee. This would do more for the game than to send the guy home with a bad taste in his mouth about that stodgy old game of golf. I realize there are lines and most of us have good enough sense to know when something meets the intent of the dress code, even if not the letter of the law. My wife and I were out late one evening in February. Course was nearly empty as the sun was setting. My wife was wearing a pair of denim stretch pants. I have been trying to get her playing for 3 years and she was going to play a few holes. Her first shot, she is walking back to the cart and a guy we had not seen before, comes up to the cart and tells me, "she can't play in those denim because we have a no denim rule." Keep in mind these are not blue jeans, they are not tacky and she could have had on shorts / pants that were much more "offensive" that met the rules. As a result, my wife has no desire to play golf. I told her there is one like that in every club, but that was the rule and I should have told her (like that would have done any good). Common sense.......well, it isn't so common.
  14. Dress Codes

    What socks with black shorts and black shoes is more offensive to me than someone playing with their shirt off with farmers tan and beer gut. I am a fan of the dress code, even though there are times I would like to sneak out in the early evening in my shorts and a t-shirt. I did play a really upscale local men's only club. We passed the practice tee and there was a guy in cut off blue jeans and no shirt. Come to find out he was a local sports celebrity and that was his daily ritual. When I asked about a dress code, the member told me there was no formal dress code, but they frowned on you coming to the dining room naked, you needed at least a towel on.