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  1. @Nave I am not sure what it means to be the owner, and not sure it gets enough views to keep, but I would be willing to do it.
  2. Hello, is anyone still active in this thread? I just found it.
  3. I have no idea. It was developed by someone at our club. If you want more info, I can probably track down someone to help you out.
  4. What I notice is the better the golf (lower handicap) the more realistic they are about how good the pros are. Played with a guy a few weeks ago who shot the easiest 68 I have ever seen, playing from the blue tees (one up from tips). One of our group mentioned that he should be thinking about turning pro.....his response, "I have watched PreQualify guys come out here and shoot 64 from the back and then not stiff a spot in the first round of Qschool....I am happy where I am at." The 14 handicap guy thought scratch was good....the scratch new that scratch, while good, isn't cashing any che
  5. We have a software we use called "Unknown Golf".
  6. I've been Playing Golf for: 26 years My current handicap index or average score is: GHIN says 6.9, but reality is more like 10 right now My typical ball flight is: right to left The shot I hate or the "miss" I'm trying to reduce/eliminate is: Big BIG BIG miss right that is either dead straight push or a huge pull that slices nearly 90 degrees right. Videos: OK all - After lurking and posting on here for years, I have finally reached a critical point where I need some help. I am open to any suggestions and while I can see several problems, I am interested in getting better. I don't
  7. Is there really any incentive to use the grips vs the sensors? As you mention, I really have not issues with my sensors, so I am not sure I would benefit at all. Also, I play mid-sized grips, so it's not an issue for me right now anyway. I love my arccos, but other than it being a really cool data point, I don't use it to improve at all.
  8. Lulu's is a fun place to hang out with the kiddos for sure. One of the best things I found this year as you could get on the wait to be seated list online which cut my 3 hour wait to 30 minutes! Glad you had a good time. We love Gulf Shores area...just enough to do without feeling overwhelmed.
  9. Second, third and fourth the Lambert's Cafe recommendation. My family (extended as well) make an annual pilgrimage to Gulf Shores every summer. We begin our trip with a stop at Lambert's for lunch of the Saturday we pull into town. Not only is it slap ya (need the correct enunciation here) momma good, there will be leftovers for the next day! We also usually arrange at least one other meal there during the week. If you are a cajun boil kind of family, Gulf Shores Seafood has a takeout meal that is really good and saves you the hassle of boiling the crab and shrimp yourself. If you want
  10. Anyone still posting here? I will try to learn how. I may need some input on posting pics though.
  11. dzclarkcpa


  12. I agree, and usually, if I manage to not go OB off the tee on one, I am usually good for one in the swimming pool on 2.
  13. Ron, also there are several other good courses in the area. Check out Grapevine Muni. It's 27 holes of pretty reasonable priced golf. I have played Bridlewood and Fossil Creek lately and while a bit more pricey, it's not off the chart expensive. Sky Creek Ranch is also in the area and reopened not long ago after redoing its greens.
  14. Ron, I actually play Bear Creek quite often. The guys I play with are not members anywhere so we move it around quite often. I think there is a regular group at Bear Creek that plays every day. Ask at the pro shop and if you can't find one, let me know and I will ask around and see if we can find you a regular group. PS....I am actually playing at Bear Creek tomorrow.
  15. Ron - Welcome to the metroplex. Nearly mid-cites here, Trophy Club, but near enough to be neighbors. Curious about what course you are playing, because my group plays a lot around town and have yet to run into one that was not marked in some way (want to avoid it). If you want to save money and get a sense of what the course and yardages look like, I recommend Google Earth. You can use the distance measuring tool to figure out yardages, etc. I often use this when I am going to play a new course. I have both a laser and a Sky Caddie, but what both miss for me is what part of the fair
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