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  1. Turtles.
  2. The Flat Earth Earth Society has members all around the world. Wait...what?
  3. I'll also add that the pentagon was never hit by an airplane at all.
  4. World Trade Centre was not brought down by airplanes.
  5. To each is own, but I rate that as firmly housed in weirds-ville.
  6. 1 - I bought that book 6-7 years ago, and I have taken Aimpoint and Aimpoint Express courses. Not anywhere in the same league, Aimpoint works with incredible precision, PB is like taking a placebo, it may give you (unfounded) confidence in a line, but there is no telling if the line is anywhere near correct. 2 - My Gawd, that is an abysmal attempt at a website...lol.
  7. Ok @JoeB from Tennessee, I, and now at least 3 others, have now called for a video of you (vlog) playing 9 holes with that swing. Let's see the magic! That's the best way (other than a trackman session) for you to gain some credibility.
  8. That is not even close to inline.
  9. Huh? You've raised a valid point that there are no pictures on a scorecard. (Although, some of the better teachers on here can tell you what the ball did based on a FO and DTL of the swing). How about a V-Log of you playing 9 holes so we can see this...ahem...stabilized swing in action? Could go a long way to validating your approach.
  10. https://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/339046-video-of-trump-driving-on-the-golf-green-goes-viral video looks pretty clear to me...
  11. Huge disappointment. The numbers on the screen and the resultant ball flight defy physics. No idea if it's getting the numbers right, but clearly, the designers don't understand ballflight physics. Total waste of money. Yeah, well thanks for telling me different when you were selling it. You misrepresented the functionality of the product. You should be offering full refunds to those of us who fell for the hype.
  12. Welcome to the site @JoeB from Tennessee Your video is not very informative. Looking forward to more info.
  13. Lol, hard to argue with that. By my definition of "works", it doesn't. Give Aimpoint a serious look. It is just as fast as Bobbing and it does work. I'm a terrible golfer due to a serious lack of time to work on my game, but I regularly astound people with the putts I am capable of making.