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  1. I already frequent yo momma's house, I assumed the OP meant what I'm am going to eat after this is over.
  2. At a friends house, or with friends at my house. If we are talking strictly eating out, probably my buddy's pub. Got to support the little guys.
  3. Gotta go with FIGJAM, aka Lefty, aka Phil. He fell victim to having his best years coincide with the an era where Tiger was essentially unbeatable.
  4. Perhaps it was this photo that broke the camel’s back.
  5. Hasn’t hurt this bad since David Bowie. 😥
  6. That is his first post on this thread. He wasn't the OP.
  7. Any post that ends with “so there” strikes me as infantile. So there.
  8. I actually agree with @MrGolfguy67, he is absolutely right. But then again, Happy April 1st.
  9. This situation has been brewing for years. The crews have finally had enough and have walked. Good for them. **** TGC.
  10. Huh? That's kind of a bizarre comment. Who is "portraying" you other than yourself? Are you a long hitting, scratch golfer who has somehow been miscast?
  11. I voted "cool", but I don't tuck in my golf polos ethier, so what the **** do I know.
  12. Aim right at the tree and swing around it. Ha ha ha. Boink!!!
  13. Haven't high speed cameras and trackman/flightscopes put this whole debate to bed yet? Seems to me that there exists an overwhelming amount of data proving that initial direction is almost entirely dictated by where the clubface is pointing.
  14. They say profanity can be a sign of intelligence. I know my IQ shot by at least 20 points when I built my kids' playhouse. ?
  15. I voted Soft and Firm. That's probably because of the crap courses I play where Firm means hard. I have a hard time commiting to the shot when it's that hard, can't decide if I should just hit it like a pitch off of hard pan, make a real bunker swing or just use a putting stroke with a high loft club. Usually the result is trying to do all 3 at once and then having to try again. Ha ha. At least with a soft sand I can just make a big ass swing and scoop a bucket of sand with the ball and get out.
  16. Haven't used a glove in many years. I tried one at the range last year and it felt weird and unnatural. To each his own, but personally, I think it's an unnecessary expense that's mostly marketing.
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