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  1. World Woods Yardage Book

    They have them for sale at shop but don't ship them.
  2. World Woods Yardage Book

    Looking for a yardage book for Pine Barrens at World Woods in Florida. Does anyone know a website that sells course yardage books? I tried eBay and Amazon etc. no luck anywhere. Thanks.
  3. Eliminating hands from putting

    Ok, I did not mean no hands at all. What I was looking for was a tip to change my grip to help reduce the wrists in my stroke. Hopefully that will help get a responsive reply :)
  4. What are the schools of thought on how to eliminate or help quiet the hands with different grips, like cross handed versus the claw, etc?
  5. Extended Clubs???

    I currently have Titleist 710 AP1s with Dynamic Gold s300 shafts. I already use lamkin crossline mid size grips with 2 wraps
  6. Club fitters, I wanted to get some expert insight. I use extended clubs because I am very tall.. I am at 1.75 over standard. This makes the clubs incredibly heavy. It becomes more of an issue with the wedges. Sometimes its like swinging a shovel. Setting aside any issue with the length, lets assume that the length is a perfect fit, what are options to deal with on the weight issue? I am kicking around the idea of going to a graphite shaft in wedges. I am a 1 handicap and with a high swing speed. Driver is around 113mph. Thoughts?
  7. Hello, I am 6'6 so I have extended irons. 1.75" over standard. I have been fitted for those. I am 1 handicap. My Gap, SW and LW are all standard length. Should i match all my wedges to the same length as my PW? I take huge divots with my wedges. I think my tendency is to go down after it because club is short. Thoughts?
  8. I am struggling with the flat stick. The more I work my stroke, the more my eyes watch the putter go back to make sure the stroke is good. I think this is causing some issues. Thoughts? Where should eyes be focused during stroke? What do you think of looking at the hole during stroke?
  9. Lead tape on putter

    its a putter and the guy that extended it said it would take weight away from the head and put more weight in the grip. Seems counter intuitive to add more weight to grip now.
  10. I added 2.5 inches to my putter. How much lead tape should I add and where to counter balance adding length?
  11. Fairway Bunkers

    Picker?? Seems contrary to your screen name...LOL

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