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  1. Back Story: started playing golf 14 months back. got fitted for clubs april 2011. at the time i was a hack, 120's and up. since then got a few lessons, and handicap around 20-25ish. still a hack, but not as bad as before. best rounds 87, 89 At the start when i got fitted my miss was a wicked slice, heavy fade, or even topping the ball. as i've gotten better, it seems that the ball straightened out. and now, its consistently hit as a draw. starts straight then pulls left (i'm a right handed golfer). I am currently gaming a Ping K15 12 degree with the regular flex 149 ping shaft smooth swing, not an abrupt transition from the top. swing speed 95ish, up to maybe 105 mph tops. mostly carry, very little roll, but not balloning flight. probabyl 230 or so with roll. maybe carry 215-220. So the Title says it all, should i be switching to a G15 or maybe G20. will that straighten me out? I'm guessing yes, but would like some confirmation, as i'm not going to be able to outright buy a new driver without selling my old one. Additionally, i'm thinking i should maybe try out a 10.5 degree, but keep the regular shaft. thanks, any comments/thoughts appreciated. ard1
  2. agreed, i may not have been clear. knetgolf has refinished and recycled balls. i would definitely stay away from the refinished versions, ymmv ard1
  3. this brings up another question i have. if you increase swing weight with even club gapping lofts, will this mess up your club distances or not? curious ard1
  4. Many sets are D0 for 3-9 irons, then d2 for PW and gap and d5 or whatever for sand/ lob, Why is this, what kind of difference are we talking about, and would it be better if they were all the same swing weight? Thx, Ard 1
  5. inthehole, 5 AAAAA balls look practically brand spanking new right outta the sleave. I've showed some buddies, and they were sold immediately, just upon inspection. 4 AAAA balls may have some very minor markings. (ie sharpie dots that didn't wash off all the way or something else quite minor) i have done blind tests with buddies and noone has been able to reliably tell me the difference between how a brand new ball and a 5 AAAAA ball from lostgolfballs.com plays. and often times they can't even tell me the difference upon inspection. frequently, they even smell new/the same. i haven't tried lower than the top 2 grades, but if you go by their grading system, it seems they are all very playable, and by no means water logged. knetgolf has refinished balls, which i would be wary of. in my eyes, this could change playability. lostgolfballs are recycled, meaning simply washed and thats it, so there should be virtually no change in playability. I have absolutely no qualms spending money on things when I deem it quality and worth it, but with recycled balls of this quality, i have no need to buy new, especially since i am a high handicapper and will lose a minimum of 2 balls in a round. i'm a lostgolfballs.com customer, and will be for the fore seeable future. ard1
  6. I know what it is, but whats the plusses and minuses to having it? Thx, Ard 1
  7. Well, since i got some better sticks, i guess i'll be storing them inside when possible. I always thought the trunk probably wasn't the best idea. jostling around and the extreme heat. having said that, i park under covered parking the vast majority of days. so its not sitting there under the brutal heat. I wanted to keep em handy so that if i wanted to goto the range or got an early day out, could do it without having to make a special trip home etc. thanks for the input, ard1 ps Fgiord, i sent u a pm
  8. Have been keeping bag in the trunk since august in Houston, its about to get very hot. Where do you guys keep your sticks, is extreme heat ie 100+ F okay? Curious, ard1
  9. Typically shorts, but just bought a pair of UA white pants, gonna give it a shot in the near future. FYI I live in Houston too. I don't tend to sweat a lot so I'm predicting pants will be fine. ard1
  10. shirts, pants, shirts, shoes, etc. title says it all. looking to increase my wardrobe, mostly major brands like: nike, adidas, j lindberg, footjoy, ecco, under armour, puma, etc. online, store front, discount resellers vs ebay. i'm primarily looking for places to get good deals, as i'm not super picky about brand and i am in no hurry to buy a complete wardrobe or anything. thx, ard1
  11. The title says it all. Assuming I know Where and with who, 30 minutes vs 60 minutes Once a week or more often? How do I know when I've had enough? Goal being go from 36 handicap to less than 18 handicap. Thx, Ard1
  12. Turns out the G15s have a 1 degree lower/stronger loft in equal clubs. So that pretty much explains the extra distance. Newtogolf if you goto the ping site you can find their list of fitters. I recommend staying away from retail centers if possible, seems the PGA pros would be a better bet. Ard1
  13. newtogolf: in terms of where to go, i would say it is primarily restricted by your geographic location, and how far you are willing to travel for this sorta thing. i was suprised as well by the i15 suggestion, i thought for sure it was g15, though at the store i secretly wanted something more player like. to my shock, he offered it as an option, to which i jumped on it. not sure if this was driven by a financial gain perhaps? honestly, he said i was basically hitting them the same and it was personal preference as to which i would wanna get; i'll give him the benefit of the doubt and say no. itching4scratch: to answer your question, while the lofts are similar, the lengths are quite different between wood and hybrid, so the distance gap was actually one of the largest in the set, 15-25 yards. the longer wood even with same loft as hybrid would go farther. WUTiger: great reply. i enjoyed the read. ard1
  14. WUTiger, appreciate the advice. just as a caveat, i maybe play max 2 rounds of golf/month and hit the range maybe 1x/month. having said that, i do swing the club a lot at home. intend to get a net to hit actual balls into, but that hasn't happened yet. so given that, i don't think i have put in the time to get that "good" yet, as in to break 100. but i have managed to drop 20 or so strokes off my game in the last 6 months with minimal actual play. which i hope is at least reasonable. with all that said, by ur handicap, u seem to be about 10-15 strokes better than i am. how long did it take u to get there, how many lessons did u take, and where did u start? i'm just curious, b/c i wanna gauge my progress against some sort of measuring stick. i've asked various people about the fitting/lessons thing, and i think you are correct. universally, people tell me to get lessons asap, before i develop and groove in "bad" habits, b/c once that happens it is often difficult or at least more difficult to correct. on the other hand, people have told me that club fitting early is nice as well, as then you can at least eliminate that factor from hindering your game and move forward from there. in fact, Tom Wishon has several videos stating that it is more beneficial to a high handicapper than a low handicapper. b/c as you can imagine, small gains can equal big changes in score for a neophyte like myself. anyhow, given my equipment is by all accounts rather old, and the fact that i'm not that happy with it anyhow, i figured, some more modern and properly fitted equipment would be a good idea. thanks again, and always interested in hearing folks opinions and advice. ard1 p.s. anyone with comments about my recommended club combination? or with questions or comments about my reported process?
  15. Hello all, My stats btw ~174 cm height or 5'8.5" and 162 lbs. male right hander. age 37. A brief summary of how my fitting went. Pulled up to Augusta Pines. (yes i know, kinda cheesy name for a course, obviously playing on Augusta National and Torrey Pines) Very nice clubhouse and building. Quite impressive for a scrub like me. nice amenities inside with a fancy restaurant/proshop, and like riverwalk/indoor water feature. walked in mentioned i had an appointment with donnie massengale at 1. was directed to the Ping nFlight center just off the side of the driving range. which btw was very nice. 2 indoor centers with rolling garage type doors to fire away down range. in use they had the doppler (not trackman, other brand forget name at the moment) he also had 2 cameras and flood lights, probably either for night hitting and or swing analysis. neither was in use for my session. donnie got me back there, we talked about my game, or lack thereof, and then he asked what i thought i hit a 7 iron. i proceeded to tell him 140ish and drives 220-230ish with roll. he took static measurements, which i knew and told him i was a Red. and sure enough i was correct. then he asked me if there was a reason i was hitting graphite shafts, to which i basically replied no. in fact i mentioned that i didn't like the swing weight difference between my current irons and wedges. they were quite far apart and made hitting the wedges sometimes a bit of an awkward transition. he started me hitting a 52 degree wedge rustique tour-s. hits similar to my clevelands so went fairly well, went about 89 yards. then moved to 7 iron G15 in black (standard lie and length) with regular and then stiff shaft, then back to regular, then switched to i15. hit 7 iron both shafts. discussed which i liked, i mentioned hit similar, but aesthetically the i15 was more pleasing, and hopefully i could grow into them. i'm not sure, but i think i may have hit the G15 iron a little further. i'm asking for all the detailed data, which i'm sure he'll provide. including launch angle, ball speed, spin rate etc. then moved on to hybrids. hit k15 and g15 hybrids i believe 23 degree. for the life of me, the g15 was easier to hit for some reason. then onto driver. i started with G15s and kept pushing it right. either straight right or slice. he brought out the k15 and sure enough, they went straighter. same went for fairway woods. then we kinda discussed club makeup, how many hybrids if any, how many woods etc. discussed wedge gaps etc. hit the G15 driver at first 12 degree, kept pushing the damn thing to the right. club head speed he told me was around 90. this is where i learned something. i tried cranking it up and oddly my headspeed was actually slightly slower like 87. and the results were way worse with poorer distance. suprisingly an easy in tempo swing was 90ish mph and tended to go straighter and farther in general. tried k15 in 12 with better results and for giggles tried driver in 10.5, which resulted in shorter drives. trust me, given my double bogey handicap, i hit plenty of mishits and shanks (ground balls etc) particularly with the longer clubs. no suprise there. so after everything was said and done. i was recommended the following: general rules, steel shaft for irons/wedges, graphite for hybrids and woods. Regular flex all round. standard black and the white grip K15: driver 12 degree, 3 wood 16 degree, 7 wood 22 degree, G15: 4 hybrid 23 degree, I15: 5-gap wedge, and i was gonna keep my 56 and 60 clevelands though the computer actually recommended 52 and 56 wedges. Overall impression, was a positive one. i asked donnie from the get go, let me know if it is too premature for a fitting and if he thought my swing would change drastically enough with lessons etc to change my fitting. he took that into acct, and not far into the session told me my swing was fine, and that the only real change he would expect is shaft changes to stiff if my swing speed increased. pretty common sense. the other thing, he mentioned may change was the driver, loft and shaft, for the same reasons, but he felt the irons would keep and maybe if i got more consistent i could swap the hybrids for regular irons, but he mentioned that may never happen as many people love hybrids and use them at all levels. hope this is helpful, be happy to answer any questions, and may just update with more details later anyways, b/c i'm like that. oddly absent, i saw a lie board on the wall, but i did not hit off of it. Having said that, he knew when i was hitting it fat or thin etc, guess he has a pretty good eye. hit em good, ard1 p.s. Donnie apparently played on the tour for several years 6-7 i believe. We BS'd around about the Shell Houston Open, Bubba Watson, Anthony Kim, and Yani Tseng.
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