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  1. Sponsored content from DoGolf.com - New sponsor DoGolf.com is generously offering a chance to win a Taylormade R11 9° Stiff Flex Driver on their website. To enter, sign up for their site and click ' ENTER NOW ' for a chance to win until Sunday, November 20! DoGolf provides tee times and golf products to a select group of golfers across the nation, and The Sand Trap proudly supports their efforts to provide members with a reliable, trustworthy daily golf deal provider. Available 24/7/365, DoGolf takes your recommendations and comments seriously; email them at info@dogolf.com, or comment on their Facebook wall. From time to time, DoGolf will offer opportunities to win a variety of items. Sign up to begin receiving daily deals and post on DoGolf's Facebook page to let them know what you want. You'll also see some of their representatives on our forums from time to time, so give them a warm welcome: DoGolf Rob, DoGolf Brian, DoGolf Jonathan, and DoGolf Morgan.
  2. Dear members - we apologize for the belated update but The Sand Trap has found a resolution to fulfilling Shotly's contest prizes. Winners of the contest will be notified by PM with further details. We appreciate your patience.
  3. Dr Fu: Great to hear that the Golf Conditioning Now training program worked so well for you! I loved hearing about your journey along the way, thanks for sharing your experience with us. For everyone else that wants to see results and give the program a try in the convenience of your own home - Grant has released a DVD of his workout at a limited time, low introductory price. Check it out!
  4. Thanks Rusty! I can confirm that all winners have responded this week and Shotly is now in possession of your details. None of the winners will need to resend information to me at this time :) PS - I'm a she
  5. Hello all - Thanks for all your positive feedback and appreciate for the Dotz! We'd love to see some pictures of your GolfDotz in action. FOR QUALIFYING ENTRIES THAT HAVE NOT YET RECEIVED YOUR DOTZ: Golfdotz are trying hard to get all winners dotz sent out. If you have not already done so, send your Sandtrap name full name and address + style of golfdotz , so they can get you taken care of. Send to info@transferstudio.com Subject SANDTRAP GOLFDOTZ within the next week to claim your prize.
  6. Hi Aidan - You received the confirmation PM last week and we are currently compiling all of the winners data and coordinating with Shotly. Thanks for your patience and you may contact me by PM at any time! Best, Ranjani
  7. UPDATE TO PARTICIPANTS: If you entered in this giveaway during the eligible contest timeframe, please email info@transferstudio.com with the subject line "TheSandtrap Golfdotz" to coordinate shipping your prize. Thanks for your comments and we'd love to see pictures of you using your Golfdotz out on the course!
  8. Thanks everyone for their participation (and patience) but the results are in!! Our 16 winners are: outfitter whhyjay aidanmcg33 NuclearMike tenspeed2 Hoya Destroya daxc ilovesandwiches Montezumasdaddy ringworld bigballer69 Paradox dinkoh deryck griffith raygrinberg rustyredcab Prize allocation and further details will be sent individually, but Shotly was blown away by your support. Keep checking back for further exclusive TheSandtrap.com giveaways.
  9. Thanks for the response, guys. Shotly is tallying up the points this week and winners will be revealed within this thread (and winners will be notified by PM, as well).
  10. p.p1 {margin: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px; font: 14.0px Calibri} span.s1 {text-decoration: underline ; color: #053bee} Sponsored content by Golfdotz More & more PGA/LPGA Tour golfers are using Golfdotz to give their golf balls some attitude – and Golfdotz wants to share the product with TheSandtrappers! In one of our easiest site giveaways, all you have to do to enter is visit their website , then reply within this thread with a picture/name of the golfdotz style that best reflects your personality. Feel free to tell us why. If you are already a Golfdotz user then send a photo to us of your own golf ball. Contest is open until August 15, midnight PST. Check out how easy Gofdotz is to use:
  11. I believe they're working these new features into an upcoming version. The Mobitee team is constantly troubleshooting, so if you encounter any issues you can reach them via their company website. Happy golfing!
  12. Here are the details you're after (in blue), straight from Mobitee: 1) The description says that the app displays distance to hazards, however on a lot of the UK holes I've checked it only shows tee and green distances. Is there a way for users to add hazards for their local course or do we wait for the Mobitee developers to go through and add all that extra info? As this new version has just been came out, the description is not up to date yet. The one online is about the old version which only displays nearest hazards. The new version allows user to know distance from his position to any place on the map, which is much more powerful! 2) Markers on the courses (http://www.mobitee.com/golfs/details/id/14775-Horton+Park%28Millenium%29) seem to be from the very front of the tee to the very back of the green. How does the app know whether the green is 10 yards deep or 40 yards deep based on one marker for the green? Markers on website are only displayed to show holes count and position (course layout), data into the app don’t use those markers; our team place markers independently. 3) With the shot tracking, does it automatically remove the user-set figure for certain club distances? e.g. if I mark my driver as "10 yards" and then I track a driver shot at 250 yards will it only use the actual distance I've hit with it or will it average the user's data and the actuals? Is there a way to use only user-set data or only recorded data or even a way to use user-set until real data is made available from the shot tracker? You will have choice to use distance get from shot tracking, or average of all distances get for this club or a customized distance 4) I remember seeing an article recently which said that the use of an iPhone (example) on a golf course is against the Rules of Golf for tournament play but I can't see any information about it on your website. Is it legal? Yes, this kind of tool are authorized by R&A; but for competition, you must previously ask your golf club (local rules) Thanks for your questions! If any other members need clarification, send your thoughts my way...
  13. Hi MiniBlueDragon - Thank you very much for your questions! I have passed them along to the Mobitee team and will send some answers your way shortly.
  14. Mobitee recently ran a contest on TheSandtrap.com challenging members to download the Lite version of their app and try it out on the course. We received quite a few requests for additional information about the features available, so here are the full details straight from the source! Bon apetit. "Mobitee is the best GPS assistant, scorecard keeper, distance calculator, rangefinder and virtual coach, all rolled into one little app. Inside, you’ll find tools that have been developed by golfers for golfers. Yes, this application was made for you. Mobitee is your personal, portable golf caddy. You’ll instantly know your distances and scores, as well as see an aerial view of each hole. This cross-platform app even gives you club advice for each shot you make to help you improve your game. Want to know the distance remaining to the hole? No problem, check in with Mobitee to find out how much farther it is to any of the greens, hazards, doglegs, whatever you want. In a flash, your virtual coach will advise you which club you need and how hard you have to hit the ball, so that you can perform your best on the course. Want to see an aerial shot of the hole you’re about to play? The app’s satellite images and flyover videos are incredibly helpful. In addition, you have an automatic and interactive scorecard complete with handicap scoring. To follow your progress, the new Shot Tracking tool enables you to record and track all your hits. It also shows you your covered distances and calculates your average hitting distance with each club. Mobitee offers you a global selection of 25,000 courses and counting. Go ahead and use one of these, or add your own via the Mobitee website from your PC. Whichever course you decide upon - the built-in guide offers you the address, lets you know what’s nearby, gives you route guidance and prices. You can even reserve a tee time." www.mobitee.com Full Mobitee Feature List: * Complete golf guide for each of 25,000 + courses * GPS tool with moveable target to calculate distances on the course * Satellite, aerial view of each hole * Flyover videos * Rangefinder (compatible with iPhone 3GS and 4) * Shot tracking * Virtual Coach * Interactive, automatic scorecard for up to 4 players * Scorecards can be shared via email * Download updates for free [Shot Tracking] [Score keeper] [Course Information] [Rangefinder]
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