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  1. Thanks! Those pictures are great. They have so few on the website. We are definately setting our tee times today. I appreciate the help with the other courses. We will have a few days to fill in and want to try a couple of others. We had looked at the Heathland and Moorland courses but maybe we will try the dunes or True Blue. We do play early though so we can spend time with the fam (It's me and my brother-in-law). Thanks again for all your help!
  2. We are headed to Myrtle Beach this summer and really wanted to play the 4 courses at Barefoot (Fazio, Love, Norman, Dye). What did you think of it? Also any other nice courses near Myrtle Beach?
  3. I have both a wii and a PS3. I had TW 2010 on Wii and really didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would. I downloaded the demo on the PS3 and it was pretty decent. I don't currently have the move but was fine with the controller. I am going to purchase the PS3 version for the fact that the graphics are much better than the wii. May even go ahead and get the move also. It's nice to feel like your golfing when winter comes around! Alos you can play the 18th at Augusta if you download the trial.
  4. Finally a chance for the average person to play Augusta National (sort of)!!!
  5. Can't pm you anymore but I'll take the club. My email is dazelater@hotmail.com . Send me the info and I'll take care of the rest. Thanks, Jerod
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