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  1. Welcome Mike. I'm here in Severn. I think we're in the same boat. I've been playing for years, but decided to take it seriously within the last two. I'm not really familiar with any of the courses in Maryland, so do you have any suggestions for some inexpensive courses? I play Bay Hill in Severna Park. A pretty good course for the price. If you join their email alerts, they have plenty of deals. Take care- Bruce
  2. Wisco, congrats man! I was going to suggest that you really look into purchasing a scotty before I found out that you already did because it seems as though you spent that much money for the total of your other 5 putters. I'm "borrowing" my dad's Scotty and have to admit, it hasn't helped lessen my score. Having said that, my previous putter was a carbite. There's really no comparison. The scotty has a better feel and gives me more control. I'm just not any good at reading my lines, that's all. Again, congratulations and good luck with the new putter...
  3. illmadden

    Got HDTV?

    I recently bought a 46" Samsung 1080p LCD flat-panel. We had a 52" Sony rear-proj HD ready, but I didn't care to have HD channels for this television. After buying the 46", I finally upgraded to Comcast HD and I have to say, I'm very impressed with the picture...especially with any sporting events. The only gripe that I have with HD is that NOT everything on the HD channels are viewed in HD. For example, I'll watch espn and the commentators will be crystal clear, then they'll cut to a highlight and it's all blurry. Now I only have component cables, but I'm going to purchase some HDMI cables this weekend. Anyone that uses HDMI cables, does it really make a big difference?
  4. Seriously, I don't understand how someone doesn't find that question offensive. I mean, that's like asking any player on the tour..."You know Tiger is playing in this tournament, right? Why did you even bother showing up?"
  5. Are you serious??? It is ILLEGAL to videotape your opponent! It is legal to take still photos, but never video. I just don't see how you are downplaying the Pat's actions? They recorded and studied their opponents play signals! That's like saying before every play, a defensive player telling the team on offense..."our safeties are going to blitz and cb's are in zone, so go deep." If you don't see that as an advantage, then I don't know what else can be considered cheating. We don't and won't ever know how much information the Pat's had on other teams since Goodell decided to destroy the evidence, so that just gives everyone the right to assume the worst. And I agree, they are loaded with talent; which makes the cheating more disgraceful. You have arguably the best offense in the NFL and a top notch defensive core, yet you still found the need to videotape the defense's signal calling? Don't get me wrong, I understand that EVERY team is trying to get an upperhand on the competition...but the Patriot's were CAUGHT cheating. Are we supposed to overlook it since it's "obvious" everyone is doing it?
  6. Vince Carter was my choice from the list. I think he had the best overall performance in the dunk contest. All his dunks were entertaining. The arm hang, reverse 360...c'mon, there's no contest! The between the legs dunk was possibly the best executed dunk I've seen in any contest. They were all creative. I know JR Rider is known as the creator of the between the legs..but it was quite sloppy with that kung fu looking kick he did. I would also have included J-Rich to that list. His bounce pass, BEHIND then between his legs and one hand reverse dunk was incredible! I just hope in the future, we get more big name contestants back in. Think how much more exciting the contest would've been if it was Kobe, J-Rich, Lebron, Green, and Howard?
  7. Thanks for the info everyone. I'm trying to obtain my Bachelor's in IT. Honestly, I liked Axia's set-up. I just had several bad experiences with some of the instructor's. Axia's set-up sounds similar to DeVry's. At Devry, is everything all inclusive or are there fees during the semestar that you need to pay for like books and other things? This might sound backwards, but I'm not really worried about the overall cost of attending...I just want a college where everything is taken care of up front. I'd like the convenience of not having to worry about paying for fees during the semester. Everado- How long have you been with Axia?
  8. I just wondering if anyone has experience with online universities and if so, could you guy's recommend one? I took some courses with University of Phoenix online (Axium) and wasn't happy with them. Does anyone know a good one to go with? Thanks-
  9. Best moment: (Last week) On a 511 par 5, I hit a great tee shot with my second sitting about 230 out. I break out the 3 wood and smack the cover off the ball. I didn't see it land, but I knew it was headed towards the hole. So I start driving towards the green. Before I get there, my dad yells "you're on the green." It wasn't the shot that really made my day, but the expression on my dad's face when he screamed it out...priceless. Worst moment: (8 years ago) We were on the 6th hole tee box with the 7 almost parrellel to us. About 80 yds to the left of us was seven's green with two old japanese lady's just finishing putting. They were probably in their late 50's, early 60's. I get up there for my tee shot and skull my ball. It grazes the ground and starts heading towards the two women. We yelled "fore". But too late, it drills one close to her temple and she falls face first. What made the whole situation worse was the base commander happened to catch the whole thing from his car and pulled up to assess the situation. My dad was the golf director at the time, so he had to quit and wait for the ambulance. After the lady gained conciousness, she wanted to finish but they kept her for pre-cautionary measures. The funny thing is the lady wasn't mad that I hit her, she was mad that I was the reason she had to stop golfing for the day.
  10. illmadden

    small dilemma

    I just came from Mississippi last weekend! I love the weather! I remember golfing last year on Christmas Day! It was cold, but there wasn't much wind at all. Last week, the weather was pretty ugly though. We played on Saturday right before the rain started and it was brutal. It was a cloudy 40 degrees with a strong wind. I just don't see how people can enjoy playing in weather similar or even worse. I especially hate the rain.
  11. i had to give up on carbite. the head was so heavy, i didn't have any control with it and never really felt comfortable. fortunately, i went on vacation to my parent's house and was able to trade my dad for a scotty cameron that he wasn't using. don't worry, it's still his...i'm just borrowing it. first round i played with it...snatched two birdies and a few pars.
  12. Just got back from Mississippi for the holidays and the best round I shot was 90 (par 71). I had two birdies and 4 pars with two really ugly holes...8 on a par 5 and 8 on a par 4.
  13. I usually rock RL or Nike Polo's since that's what I wear off of the golf course. I can't afford to pay for golf gear and casual seperately...so i have to combine the two. You can't go wrong with Ralph Lauren though.
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