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  1. It looks to me like your head is a couple of inches further behind the ball (to your right) at impact than it is at address when viewed face on which won't be helping with thin/fat shots. Check out this thread about a centred pivot, this will help keep you centred over the ball, which I believe should help eliminate those misses.
  2. I haven't hit a ball for a couple of years (apart from 2 range visits) but I'm getting back into golf - must be the unusually warm weather we're having. I don't think I'm doing too badly here baring the above in mind. DTL: FO: As always, any feedback is greatly appreciated.
  3. No problem. Terms like A4 and A5 a re used a lot throughout this site. They are the alignments in the swing, it just makes it easier to talk about different parts of the swing. A1 - address A2 - club shaft parallel to the ground A3 - left arm parallel to the ground A4 - top of back swing A5 - left arm parallel to the ground A6 - club shaft parallel to the ground A7 - impact There are a few more after impact too. There's a really good thread which shows the alignments:
  4. I'm no expert but I have a few comments which I hope are useful. I'd start off tweaking your address position a little. Flare your feet outwards which will also turn your knees out slightly. Tilt your head down so you're looking at the ball out of the middle of your eyes rather than the bottom. Rounding your back will help with this - there's a good thread on this here - http://thesandtrap.com/t/56069/good-golf-posture-how-to-address-the-golf-ball A centred pivot (not moving to the right on the backswing) may help - achieve this by keeping a steady head - http://thesandtrap.com/t
  5. A little better again. I've also found that pushing my hips through faster, more aggressively helps me to hit out of the middle of the club face rather than towards the hosel which is something I've been struggling with. I don't like how much my head moves away from the target between A6 and A7 but that's not my priority piece for now. (unless it's a very simple fix).
  6. That's the one. Thanks very much!
  7. Is there a webpage or playlist that groups all videos for each key together? I'm sure I've seen one in the past - just can't find it again!
  8. Yep, I've been meaning to find something to level things out. Even toyed with the idea of digging a hole to sit it in, but I don't think the wife would be too happy about that!
  9. I'd definitely recommend Evolvr and I'm sure a lot more people on here would too. The tethered ball thing... personally, I think I'd rather have a net but it doesn't take up as much room. It allows me to practice at home for free so I can't complain about it. One pro is that I don't have to worry about shanks as the balls not going to get away - I guess on a bad one it could miss the net. The main issue I have with it is that it's about an inch thick so the ball is higher than your feet. A pro of a net is as you'd get at least some idea of the starting line of your shot.
  10. It's online lessons. Submit a video they'll give you a video analysis back with something to work on. Well worth the price. The instructors are all (I think) members on here too! http://evolvr.thegolfevolution.com/ I keep my lessons in a youtube playlist, you could have a look at my lessons to see what to expect :-) https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL2QdomA1_sp0ZGfs_ux1IE9yWpRWaTBYo
  11. I agree. That's what Evolvr do. Have you work on one priority piece at a time (and maybe a very simple change elsewhere).
  12. I agree it'd be useful to see where the ball is going now and again but I put my trust into Stephan, and Evolvr, the piece I'm working on is my priority piece as diagnosed by Stephan. Easier to change the picture when you're not worrying about where the ball is going every shot. http://thesandtrap.com/t/53895/hitting-into-a-net
  13. Getting better. Working on laying the shaft down more beteen a4 and a5.
  14. Still working on the same priority piece as above - getting better.
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