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  1. How is club length measured

    If I get a prolaunch blue 75 stiff and have it put on my 5 wood and cut it down to 41.75 inches, will there be a need for lead tape on the head? I have a prolaunch blue 65 on my 5 wood now cut down to 41 1/2 and he had to put some lead tape on the head to keep the swing weight, I don't like the lead tape on the head, so would getting a prolaunch blue 75 fix this? I don't want lead tape on my club head, just don't like it.... thanks for the help
  2. Whats up from Michigan

    Thanks n8dogg I probably have played every course in the area, if I had to name a few courses that I play frequently, I would say SCS, Greystone, The Orchards, Devils Ridge, Boulder Pointe, Heather Hills, Sycamore Hills, Cracklewood, Timberwood, Captains Club, I can go on and on..... My 9-hole league is at Sunnybrooke, we play on Tuesdays starting April 19 and my am-tour starts April 16 and our first event is at Fieldstone
  3. Whats up from Michigan

    Oh yeah, teed off at 1010 at SCS and played 30-holes...weather was great, when the sun was out the temp was perfect but when th sun ws stuck behind clouds it got a little nippy, especially torwards the end.... Ground wasn't frozen at all, the course was actually in not to bad of shape, the greens an fariways are going to be awesome this year at SCS
  4. Your 2011 Golf Goals Official Thread

    My golf goals this year are as follows. 1. Break 80, the best round I have ever shot is an 80. 2. Get my index down to a 11-12 maybe 10, depending on how much I play (took a hiatus from work this summer so I am doing nothing but golf and my am-tour) 3. Become more consistent off the tee box, meaning hit more fairways. 4. Most importantly, have more fun and not take this game too seriously, I have a tendency to think it is life or death, I think if I get that under control I will reach my goals this year. Best of luck to everyone
  5. I Love Hitting a Fade!

    Im with you on the Ben Hogan, I have almost every book and DVD he has wrote or put out about him and his life. He was and will always be the greatest golfer of all time, just my opinion. Although I play a mid-high draw, I am having an issue with consistency and is really hard for me to line to play a fade when I naturally draw it...
  6. Whats up from Michigan

    Well I am going golfing tomorrow morning, so I sure hope it is better tomorrow.....I feel you though, this chill in the air needs to leave....I have 2 leagues starting in 2 weeks....
  7. Whats up from Michigan

    1st place for each flight gets a crystal trophy and depending on size of registration for the tournament usually $150-$200, 2nd usually $50-$75 no crystal, 3rd $25-$35 no crystal. We also accumulate points like the fed ex cup and we have 1st half of the season and 2nd half of the season champions and depending on how many points you accumulate through the year you could be invited to to the nationals in Hilton Head, SC. Top ten in points of each flight are invited to the nationals. There are 5 flights Champion, A, B, C, D and they are all dependent on your handicap. I am a 15.2 and am in C flight.....the competition is awesome and it is a challenge every week. If you ever take the plunge check out the MIAGT it is a professionally fun league and you are treated like a pro, literally. If you want to PM me, I am able to have a guest for one tournament, kind of a try it before you buy it.... let me know bud...
  8. How is club length measured

    Thanks clambake
  9. Whats up from Michigan

    Shelby Township... I love it, this is my second year...competition it great, we play the best courses and the crystal trophies and payouts are nice. All the tournaments are setup like a true PGA event...you should give it a try.....
  10. Whats up from Michigan

    Thanks... In a suburb very far north of Detroit....
  11. How is club length measured

  12. Whats up from Michigan

    People scared to reply, don't worry I am not a mean guy......
  13. Hello!!

    Welcome, I am a noob around here as well....
  14. How is club length measured

    Thanks.. I am about to buy a new 3-wood and I have a 5 wood in my bag The lengths I was thinking are I am 5' 11" 3-wood-42 1/2 5-wood-41 1/2 I play my driver at 44 1/2 right now and have good distance and control. I think those lengths would be good, any thoughts?
  15. How is the length of a club measured? Top of the grip to the end of the shaft or Top of the grip to the bottom of the club head? Thanks