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  1. So many great replies but I really love this one! The two that spring to mind for me were both in matchplay tournaments, one fourball and one on my own. The one on my own was on #14, I was 2 down and looking out of it. It's a dogleg left par 4, SI1, maybe 200y to the corner and then easily over 200 coming into a pretty small green with a bunker at the front. Everything left is thick rough and scrub and trees too, so it's risk/reward depending on how much of the corner you're prepared to bite off. I tried to play safe with a hybrid to the corner but hit a horrible thin, fadey thin
  2. Okay so I'm wondering what the best "impossible" shot is people have hit? By that I mean not a hole in one or a big drive or putt, but a shot where you stand over it scratching your head as to what to do, thinking "this is going to need to be an absolutely brilliant shot to get out of this trouble". The sort of one where you know you won't make it 99 times out of 100, but for one reason or another you decide to go for it, even if it's that unlikely - maybe in a deciding hole in matchplay or because you have literally no other shot possible to play. I ask because I've had a couple myself
  3. 4 600yard+ par 5's...3/4 200yard+ par 3s...6/10 par 4s more than 450yards...wow. That is just obscenely long. I have played (and miraculously parred - and up&down; though, could never get home in regulation) just one 600yard+ hole in my life. I think I'd have a heart attack going that far in one day! It would be so demoralising hitting a perfect, flush drive and seeing still a long iron at the green on every single hole. Good luck though, hope your buddy makes it and we can look out for him at the full tourney!
  4. That's a great feeling, I got my first (and only) last summer on a short par 5 - nice drive, a 3 hybrid to the front edge and a 20-footer which *just* dropped in like Tiger's famous chip. I'd like to say I was composed and walked up calmly to get it out of the hole like I do that sort of thing every day, but actually I jumped about like a crazy person whilst screaming like a pre-teen girl at a Justin Bieber gig. I have never holed out though, it must be a fantasic feeling, congratulations to you without doubt! I've never even really come that close...I spanked the pin on the full once w
  5. I know a lot of you guys are in the US so I'm not 100% sure whether you can access BBC iPlayer online (it may have region restrictions, I'm not sure) but there was a really touching documentary about Seve's life and career and his legacy, which aired a few nights ago over here in the UK. If you can access it, it's really worth watching...he was a little before my time unfortunately but even before I took up golf he was one of my sporting idols, for the way he played the game with such charisma and flair. Here's the link: http://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/b012lt4d/Seve_The_Legend/
  6. Quote: He hit 64% fairways this week (ranked tied for 26th) according to the US Open website which admittedly isn't great but also isn't awful, at an average of 310 yards. Only 6 players who made the cut (Garrigus, Woodland, Johnson, Quiros, Bubba and Westwood) averaged further. I think when you hit it that far and leave yourself a wedge at the green, whether you're coming out of rough or the fairway, you stand a good chance. All these stats speak for themselves. 83% FIR for the week. That is obscene iron play over 72 holes.
  7. Quote: That's shocking on your part I'm afraid. McDowell was ranked 37 the week he won the US Open last year. And going into the US PGA Kaymer was ranked 13. I don't pay religious attention to the rankings but I reckon I could name off the top of my head a minimum of 2/3rds of the top 100, let alone the top 30 or 40 players in the world. I'm not pitching into a US v Europe argument either but saying they were unknown because you hadn't heard of them is like me saying I have no idea who Matt Kuchar is. He hasn't won an major but it doesn't make him a wildcard.
  8. Quote: I have been doing this recently when I'm struggling on/off with my driver, and find I hit it straighter too. I'm quite tall thoug - 6'2/6'3 - so I'd've thought a shorter shaft (or shortening it by choking down) would not naturally work for me. Who knew??
  9. A lot of it is personal - how you feel with the wedge yourself. Try some out on your local range, see what feels a good weight and balance, looks nice and you feel confident with at address, and that has a nice feel/sound off the clubface. Generally you can't go too far wrong with manufacturers, the technology nowadays makes little difference to high handicappers like you or I - I have 52/56/60 Nike SV wedges but as mentioned already, the 60 may take a little practice - I mostly use it when I need to hit a high, soft lob or when I've not got much green to work with from a bunker etc. - my 56 s
  10. Quote: Thanks for your comment. I think I have a half-decent set-up for my standard as I've played cricket since I was a kid and it's quite similar posture-wise. I will get myself down the range this week with the camera and film some face-on shots.
  11. Hi guys. I am fairly new to golf, have only been playing a couple of years, and have in that time managed to drag my handicap down from shooting 120 regularly to the low-mid 90s, which I'm pleased with, but want to take the next step. I have broken into the 80s three times, but looking for that golden tip that makes it all 'click' in your head and suddenly things become a little easier. I seem to have rounds of entirely 10/10 shots or 1/10 - absolutely pure and flush out the middle of the clubface or just the more dire slices and tops and thins which make the end result approx 90-100 no
  12. Quote: Being remembered and considered a 'great' like Nicklaus, Ballesteros, Watson, Woods etc is surely different from being No.1 though. The No.1 reflects the most consistent and best golfer over a period of time, not over his entire career. Right now I don't think there can be a single golfer in the world more feared than Luke Donald, he is absolutely unstoppable, top 10 after top 10. If he never wins a major he will never be considered 'great' like the multiple-major winners of past and present, but right now he is undisputedly the best player around.
  13. This is the greatest advice I ever had: 1) Take your time to examine the green and consider the speed. If its wet it will break less, and later. If you have an alignment aid/mark on your ball, choose this moment to point it exactly where you want to hit the ball. 2) Before you step up to address the ball, split the putt into two or three "sections", say 2 for a 5-10ft putt and 3 for a longer putt. This is not about the read of the green, but the physical power you will exert on the putt. 3) Play some practice strokes. These must be done in fairly quick succession as your muscle mem
  14. Recently I had some real issues with my driver, shanking and duffing everything, eventually diagnosed by my coach as being caused by a really inside takeaway. I worked really hard on the range concentrating on getting myself on plane and have made some real progress. However, in the time I've been doing that I've neglected my short game a bit and I've now developed a huge tendency to thin my wedges when I'm hitting a full shot. Playing a high pitch shot or chipping in and around the green from less than 70 or so yards I'm ok, but if I'm trying to hit a full lob 80 yards, a full sand 90-odd, or
  15. 12 @ Augusta has to be harder. It's the swirling wind you can't detect above the trees, the bunker short and long, has to be a precise shot but can be a 2-club difference depending on the breeze. 17 @ TPC is by no means a walk in the park and I haven't had the fortune to play it, but I've had a go at quite a few lesser known island greens from 120 to 190 yards, and not found to them to be particularly difficult.
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