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  1. Jeez, I'm thinking golf is hard enough on any course at anytime to worry too much about if a handicap is off because you know the track too well. Don't get me wrong it's a valid point, but you still have to play the game consistently for it to count either way.
  2. I'm still wondering if anyone here has actually tried The Plane Finder who either finds it useful or not. I appreciate the feedback from the inventor and the guy who can't get over the price but I'd really like to hear from someone who is trying to improve their swing, like me (isn't everyone?). I tend to get too flat at times and am looking into a swing training device that I can use at home or on the range. TThanks
  3. I saw The PlaneFinder on The Golf Channel and am thinking of giving it a try. Hank Haney is behind it and the logic seems sound. I am a shorter golfer and my swing tends to get really flat at times and I don't even realize it. Has anyone tried it, I think that for the cost of a single golf club if it can help me fix my swing it would be worth it. Any and all feedback is appreciated. Thanks! P.S. The web site is http://theplanefinder.com
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