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  1. I ended up getting Taylor Made Speed Blades. I really like them so far, and have no regrets. To be honest, the Speed Blades weren't even on my radar screen but I'm happy with my decision. I took a valuable lesson away from this process, and that was not to get hung up on any specific brand and buy what fits my game.
  2. So here is how it worked for me yesterday at DSG. I went in to look at some irons, and the sales guy asked if there was anything I wanted to hit. I spent about an hour hitting several different brands of GI irons, during which time he explained that if I was serious about wanting to make a purchase he could do a fitting, which was included in the purchase price. We didn't talk about a fitting without a purchase, but I think I saw something in their Pro shop about $50 for a fitting. I decided I was going to make a purchase, and we did a fitting. He then determined shaft flex, club length an
  3. I have used RBG for the last 5 years, and have ordered at least half a dozen times from them; never golf balls though. My experience has been positive, and everything was as described. I have gotten some amazing deals from RBG, and recommend them to all my golfing buddies. As for customer service, I never had a reason to use them until my last order. My delivery was short 2 items, at which time I sent RGB customer service an email asking about it. I got my first answer within 30 minutes, explaining the item was being shipped from the manufacturer. Within approx. 5 minutes I got another email s
  4. Wilson D100 irons 4-GW ($199 new) and dozen B330 RX ($19) from Rockbottom Golf.
  5. SuperStroke 2.0 for me. Put one on a year ago, and my putting improved dramatically, especially from inside 15 ft. Bonus with the 2.0, it still fits in the putter well of my bag and doesn't hang up. Highly recommend!
  6. I highly recommend the A12OS. I have been using this set for 2 years, and though I have been tempted to replace them with something else, I haven't found another set of irons I hit any better than these. I normally shoot low 90's with a SS of 90-92 mph, and I have regular flex graphite shafts throughout the set. I went to the graphite shafts after suffering an injury to my wrist, and these made a world of difference in reducing vibrations/shock to my hand and wrist. These clubs launch the ball high (for me) and land soft on the green, and I like the 7-gw performance around the greens. I d
  7. True Linkswear. I have always worn FJ Contours, but picked up a pair of True phx on sale the other day. I was impressed with how comfortable they felt on my feet, but had some reservations about how well these spike less shoes would perform on the course. I played 27 holes in some light rain the other day, and had no problems at all with slipping and my feet felt great afterwards. I will say the "zero heel drop" of these shoes is a different sensation, but I really felt connected to the ground and in balance during my swing.
  8. I buy from golfballsunlimited.com and am really happy with their products and service/shipping. This company does not sell "refurbished" balls, only recycled. If you can live with a few very minor players marks and some balls with logos, give them a try. Good luck.
  9. just recently got a pair of True Phx shoes, and love the way they feel. I had the chance to play last week in the rain, and didn't have any problems slipping at all. Love these shoes!!
  10. a pair of True Linkswear phx shoes (black/grey) and box of yellow NXT-S in yellow
  11. I have a Nikon LR550 that I love. It's a basic model with pin seeker technology that I picked up from TGW on sale for less than $150 a few years ago. This was my first rangefinder as well, and I didn't want to spend a bunch of money on something I wasn't sure about. I'm really happy with it, and I have yet to replace batteries after 2 years of regular use. Good luck!
  12. 23+ years in Law Enforcement; work crimes against children (physical abuse, sexual abuse and homicides). I play golf as a form of therapy.
  13. My SS is between 78-82 mph with a 6 iron and I play regular flex. I would suggest having a fitting to find out which flex is right for you. I must admit it was a blow to my ego to find out I hit better shots with a regular flex than a stiff flex, and it's been said that a lot of people play with a shaft that is too stiff. That was certainly the case with me, but I can't argue with the results. I also discovered most people don't care what flex you are using, they are too busy messing with their own game to pay attention. I don't know if you have access to any golf stores in your area, if so I
  14. You can pick up lead tape at any golf store. I got mine at Dicks Sporting Goods, less than $5. It's self adhesive and you just cut it the length you want and apply it. You can add or remove it as needed without much hassle. Hope that answered your question.
  15. I had my Ping G15 cut down to 45" from 45.75. I am making much better contact in the center of the club face, which leads to more fairways hit. I don't feel I lost any distance, but picked up accuracy. Shortening the shaft did affect the swing weight, so I got some lead tape and headed to the range. I would hit about 10-15 balls, add a strip of lead tape to the the bottom of the club and hit another 10-15 balls. I repeated this until I got the ball flight I was looking for. I have no idea what the swing weight of my driver is, all I know is that I'm happy with it. I will never play with a
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