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  1. been making some changes this winter to my putting stroke and am all over the place. Feel like i am constantly willing the ball into the hole. help needed please http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfzvHVmWq7U&feature;=youtu.be
  2. as an fyi... most public courses will have significantly higher rates than normal the week of and before the open. you are best off trying to play the week after. A bit south of SF, buy Bayonet is also worth a play; will be in great shape since it is hosting PGA CPC next year.
  3. its called bravina; more geared towards people with social anxiety; theoretically would help with the yips
  4. latest picture of me at the top of the backswing... wont add my thought as not to bias results. Thanks, http://twitpic.com/5qup1v
  5. more often than not, you won't even be asked. the single will just show up on the tee box.
  6. about half of my play is alone... usually late at night when so i can practice.
  7. Ended up getting the SunMountain SpeedCart. After one round, I feel like I have more energy on 15-18. The real interest will be conditioning. I usually lose 3-5 pounds per month in season. Wonder if I will continue to see the same weight loss.
  8. i think it is a good idea, but also require golf courses to provide more tees. For courses with a typical 3-tee setup this can be problematic. Most men wont play from the front / ladies tees even if there game deserves it.
  9. i've tried putting it off for a while, but the time has come. A sore back and chronic hamstring problems are forcing me to start using a push cart. I thought i could just carry my club until I was fifty but this middle aged body is finally giving in..
  10. one piece or two (multiple) piece.... am i in the minority here with a two price takeaway... with a one piece sequencing is always much more challenging for me
  11. interested in what everyone hear uses to trigger their downswing. For me, it a small bump of the right knee (Im right handed)-- for me, it help me get weight forward and drive legs better than any other swing thoughts.
  12. Trying hitting balls today. Biggest issue was not being able to maintain my knee angle and occasionally letting my weight go on the wrong side of the right foot
  13. try this--- put a tee on the ground 1 inch in front of the ball. focus on hitting the tee.
  14. need advice guys, just sprained my right toe moderately today. I can walk OK but cant really get a good push off (im right handed) if i keep playing with this while it heals, do i risk grooving a bad swing? what would you do?
  15. My biggest swing issue is over rotation of my forearms/wrists before impacts, especially on longer clubs played further up in the stance. This drill forces my left wrist to be square at impact. This drill was originally created for players who under rotate and can't get their wrist squared, but has the same impact
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