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  1. I have been dabbling. Mostly reshafting and regripping. If you go to GolfWorks.com you can buy reference books on clubmaking, fitting etc. Specialty equipment, especially for loft and lie adjustments, can be expensive.
  2. MJonGolf

    Tour Tempo

    I purchased the book last year and ripped the tracks off the CD onto my iPod so I could try practicing to a tempo. I immediately found I already had a 3:1 tempo (27/9). From that, I concluded "tour tempo" is more of a natural result for anyone with athletic ability. Just my humble opinion. Oh, this reminds me, I have been meaning to sell the book on e-bay.
  3. MJonGolf


    I voted for Lokelani also. No contest.
  4. Ooops! Found it in your profile.
  5. Welcome! What would be the address of your site or blog?
  6. I have thought about buying a set of covers everytime I'm in the golf shop but never do. Seems to be just another distraction on the course. I've yet to see anyone else using them.
  7. Ho Hum. Baseball. I only care for the playoffs and world series and then I can't stand to sit for a whole game.
  8. Welcome Chalkstar! How is everything in London? There was a time when I used to visit London monthly when I was stationed at RAF Chicksands in Bedfordshire during the early 80's. Didn't play golf then though.
  9. MJonGolf

    Super Bowl

    I am a true blue New England fan since the time I can remember. Today, at work, we were taking about how ho hum the super bowl seems to be. Some how, compared with the playoffs, it seems anticlimactic. With me, NE's first super bowl win was very exciting and the second was unexpected so it also brought some excitement. But this year they were expected to be there so the only surprise will be in checking the quarter results against my pool numbers. And I will do that after the game is over emulating a lottery ticket. I probably should use the time to write or read.
  10. MJonGolf

    Champions Tour

    If I am going to spend time sitting on my butt watching golf, it is either the PGA Tour or the LPGA. If neither is on then my time is better spent elsewhere - practicing, working on the house, writing, playing with the grand kids or old lady, etc., etc.......
  11. Right now I would have to say the iCarPlay from Monster Cable I received for Christmas that allows me to play my iPod through my truck radio. Works great and allows me to listen to whatever I want without having to switch CD's.
  12. Yes, frustrating. I don't know if any of you noticed one less player listed in the group. That would be me. No time to be a guinea pig.
  13. A stroke makeover is exactly what I'm working on this winter. I am practicing on the carpet everyday - 70 to 100 putts. I use a 10 finger grip (hands separated and grip in the palms underneath the pad of the thumbs). My stroke is a piston type with the dominant hand (left hand is only for stability). Practice distance is 3 feet. This is based on the same technique of turning every putt into a 3 foot putt by picking a spot along the target line. The objective of the practice is to be able to hit the spot 3 feet out every time. So far I have turned a my 50% previous result into 90% or better. My misses are usually due to letting my right hand release and pull the ball.
  14. It would help if it was a little more obvious that a player in not in the tournament. I did take Tiger out but I left another in who is not playing. Oh well, I've learned my lesson.
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