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  1. Yes, I know in Wisc we have one qualifying sites all around the state (like 5 sites), from there I believe the top 3 or 5 go on to a final qualifying site in Wisc before a national qualifying site. I knew one guy that made it into the second round of match play (which was quite impressive). It all depends obviously on the course and the conditions of what you have to shoot. Somewhere near par would give you a chance on any course.
  2. I agree, I'm glad some of the best players are coming back to the States to play. Should be a fun 2012 for golf watching! I will miss waking up on the weekend and turning on the Golf Channel to watch those guys on the European Tour.
  3. I'm not saying on a regular day I could compete with these guys, but the finale was some terrible golf. Neither one would've broken 80, if they weren't given every putt because the other guy was out of the hole. They both hit 2-4 greens in reg, that is really bad. I guess I just expected more from two guy who have aspirations of becoming legitimate players. From all the shows I saw, they aren't even close. Cheers to Julien however for snagging Mallory!
  4. Why is it that every team who doesn't win, thinks that the winning team cheated? It is possible to win and not cheat! I have gone 15 - 18 under and won, as well as gone 15 - 18 under and lost. I didn't accuse anyone of cheating, however. My goal is to 1. have fun 2. drink plenty and 3. Win if possible, but that is just an added bonus. People should not play in scrambles if they always accuse the winning team of cheating!!
  5. I like scrambles, and win a lot of them actually. But they mess up my stroke play for at least a round or two following. Guess the reason is that I am the longest, and expected to be the longest, so I swing outa my shoes on nearly every drive. I always play to win, but have a lot of fun doing it. People that take it too seriously, are missing the point.
  6. It will be some fun TV watching this weekend. I am rooting for Duval and BOOOOOO. I can't believe some of the big names, and major winners (Janzen), who are in the field.
  7. I am thankful for: - having a job that pays me enough to fund my outragous golf addiction year-in and year-out - the birth of my first son this year who will undoutably be on tour in 20 yrs or so! - all of my friends and my father whom I can always call and get a game with anyday and anytime
  8. Happy Thanksgiving! It's at least nice to go into the winter with good memories in your head of your last round. I tend to play my best really late in the year and again in early spring because I don't expect much out of myself, and therefore relax and have a good time. Easy to say, "why don't you do that all the time?" but for some reason my mind won't let me???
  9. I would love to try that. Money might be the deciding factor though..... Have a limo and some drinks waiting to take you to each course. Play some awesome courses and then turn around and try to go back from the west coast to the east coast the next day.....even harder
  10. I am working on my anger issues and my language used on the course. Don't know why I take this game so serious that I let it get to me like that. Stupid Game. My story: I was pissed off in general at another crappy round. On a par three after missing another green, I took an angry swing at the tee box. A huge divot flew up and hit my buddy square in the face, knocking him backwards. After filling the divot with mix, my buddy tackled me on the tee and told me I was an idiot........which was correct.
  11. Nice work on getting Mallory, Julien! You are truly the winner of BB. On a side note, it still looked like Julien was burnt out and didn't really want to be there all the time. Maybe being a caddie for Mallory is his future in golf anyway.
  12. I couldn't disagree more! There was twice as many penalty strokes as GIRs. I coulda watched a better match at my local Goat Ranch!!
  13. This is honestly the worst golf I have ever seen in my life!! I know I woulda closed them both out after 14 holes. Really?? This sucks!
  14. Thinking of getting myself the Opti-Shot and letting my wife wrap it. So I can work on the swing a little throughout the long....cold .....winter months.
  15. It does stink being an amatuer and playing different greens every week (or round). But even the pros had to go through the same thing at some point in time in their careers. I like watching the pros have to play different shots into some of these greens. I agree it gets a little boring watching them knock down every pin and spin it back. It's fun to see if they have these shots "in their bags".
  16. Don't see why Couples is leaving some of the really bad pairings together like Woods/DJ and Mahan/Toms got routed. Why not switch a couple things up? With Tiger stealing DJ's caddie and both of them playing pretty poor, it just doesn't look comfortable out there. Not like Mickelson/Furyk who look like they are actually having a great time (ofcourse winning will do that). Tonights action should be fun!
  17. I love to hear about some of these, cause they make me laugh. This one is my favorite; I worked for 14 yrs in the golf course management field as a Superintendent and Assistant so I saw and heard many stories. One of our very best players at our club had qualified for the State Am. He was leading the Minnesota State Am (mid 1980s) by a shot going into the final hole. He was on in regulation and needed to 2 putt for victory. He proceeded to 4 putt his way to a tie for second place. Obviously angry, while loading his clubs into his car, he pulled out his putter. He proceeded to ti
  18. Officially wintertime in Wisc. I am working on my beer drinking skills in front of a 56" TV and watching some good President's Cup in Primetime, which is awesome. GO USA! (and beer)
  19. Still waiting to see some good golf from these two. They have shown flashes, but to say either one of them has a chance on any sort of tour is a joke from the terrible golf I have seen. Anyway, should be a fun final show to watch.
  20. As much as I like Stricker (being from Wisc. and all) he did play terrible, as did Tiger. I don't think it would have mattered in the end anyway, they wouldn't have won. Scott and Choi were just on. Today should be interesting to see how it plays out with Tiger and DJ matched up and with Stricker and Kuchar. I think Tiger and DJ dominate, and Stricker and Kuch struggle and probably lose. GO USA!!
  21. Pope33


    Just a touch............I think someone needs to take the weed trimmer after it. It looks stupid. First time I saw AK, I thought a little kid was following behind another golfer, turns out to be AK. Hot girlfriend though!!
  22. They are both really solid drivers, but you will find a mixed bag of opinions from everyone on this site. I have the R11 and have never had any issues with its appearance. I guess results are what I base my opinion off of. Good Luck
  23. There are a lot of similarities between the two, so I don't think your findings are rare. My guess is that you were so angry and not even thinking about golf so you made a stress free swing. You probably released all the tension you have in your normal swing and just wanted to hit the crap out of the ball. Stick with it, but remember how your mind feels when you make this swing, and not just what your body does. Good Luck
  24. I know it's terribly windy and bad conditions over there, but honestly it's some of the worst golf I've ever seen!! Chunking shots, blading shots out of bounds, and some of the worst putting I have seen. Not saying I could do better, but man, none of these guys/gals should win IMO
  25. I'm just hoping for a Adam v Tiger match-up in singles play, that would be a "made for TV" match-up. I have visions of Adam Sandler and Bob Barker rolling down the hill..........anyway I would be rooting for Tiger and Stevie to duke it out!!
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