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  1. Thanks all... some really good recommendations. I'm going to check out the x20s, and r7s - maybe one of the Nike sets as well. Edwin Watts says I can hit their demo irons and when I decide whichever one seems to work best for me / whichever one feels best, they'll run me through each club and see if any adjustments need to be made. $50 if they go through the whole process and I decide not to buy. Free if I buy the clubs from them. Hopefully I will have new irons soon. Thank you all for your recommendations.
  2. The first few sites on Google say those clubs are from 1999. Even the clubs I have now are newer. Not trying to knock your recommendation or anything, but why buy used clubs with 9 year-old technology when I can afford to buy brand new ones with the latest technology?
  3. I've been using a set of PowerBilt TPS 7.0 irons that I bought about 5 years ago. My average round is in the 105-110 range. My short game is not spectacular, but it isn't the disastrous sight I've seen with other golfers at my handicap (that is, I don't blade the ball over the green on a pitch shot, I don't hit the ground 3 inches before the ball on a chip shot and carry it 3 feet, I don't put the ball 5 feet past the hole on a 4 foot putt, etc...). That leaves my mid/long game, which is fairly terrible. I'm thinking that upgrading my iron set might help me improve my game a bit, but don
  4. From golfonline.com I don't know if anyone has beaten that lately. It's the first result on Google (so it must be right! )
  5. I have only played three rounds of golf alone in a cart with no one in front of me. I completed them in 2 hours 45 min, 3 hours, and 2 hours and 30 min. The 2 hours and 30 min round was pretty funny because the cart had a GPS system that also tracked your pace of play. I was SO FAR AHEAD of pace that it said: "TIME AHEAD --:--" on the readout. My average with my normal golf buddy using 1 cart and first off the tee is about 3 hours and 15 min.
  6. Your problem sounds *exactly* like the issue I've been having lately. I've ALWAYS been a slicer/fatter/topper/thinner and the concept of hitting the ball left was totally foreign to me, but after reading Hogan's 5 lessons and changing my grip, my consistent mishit has been a straight-to-left hook. One point Hogan makes in his book is to keep the grip from being too tight in the right hand, which activates the muscles in the arms and up to the shoulders, which is bad for your swing... so what I tried doing was completely relaxing my right arm/shoulder prior to my backswing. More often than
  7. Warik

    2008 Masters

    Tiger, and it won't even be close .
  8. I'm about a 32. 100-105 is a decent, though disappointing day for me. 90anything and I'm on top of the world for the rest of the day.
  9. Warik

    WGC Doral

    He'd better - I have a ticket for Sunday and am going exclusively to follow him from #1 to #18. Will be nice to see what kind of shape the Blue Monster is in March for a professional tournament vs. the kind of shape it was in back in June of last year when I played there, too. For the record, it was in pretty darn good shape back when I played there.
  10. Wow - I've never used *both* hands to throw a club before. I'll have to try this next time I'm out on the course. Thank you for posting this valuable instructional video.
  11. As if my play isn't bad enough, hitting absolutely horrendous shots coupled with having insanely slow players ahead of me takes enjoyment to frustration to anger to rage in short order. Naturally, that affects what little game I have even more negatively and sooner or later I go from "I'm enjoying my round of golf" to "I can't wait to finish and go home." I've played with people who have hit worse shots than I've ever have, and they just laugh about it or make a joke. After the 5th or 6th bad shot I can't laugh at myself anymore and I just start getting mad and slamming my clubs back into
  12. My playing partner and I arrive for our 1:52 PM Sunday tee time and play the first hole. I'm most pleased with my starting performance. 400-yd slight dog right par 4. I drive it 250-yd drive so close to the 150 marker than I had to pull it out of the ground to address the ball for my next shot. My 7-iron drops the ball on the left side of the green leaving a beautiful pitchmark in its wake. I putt to within 2 feet and tap in for par. What a great round this is going to be. The round proceeds pretty slowly, but I'm playing better than I've ever played. Course is PAINFULLY slow, but I'm
  13. I've heard that tip before and I agree it's stupid. The reason I come up short from 130-yd with my 9-iron is NOT because of poor club selection - it's because of poor swing selection. I'd rather leave a bad shot with the right club in the rough or in a bunker short of the green than leave a good shot with the wrong club 30 yards over the green and never to be found again.
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