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  1. We've all been there; hitting a seemingly straight shot with crisp contact but pulls way left or pushes way right. It sucks... But do pros intentionally pull or push the ball? I have been trying to figure out what circumstances that kind of shot is called for but couldn't find any.
  2. You are coming over the top on the downswing; causing some "cut-across-the-ball" action. I do the same thing.
  3. For me it's the opposite. When I try to take a really smooth and easy driver swing, I slice it completely. But when I swing at like 90%, I hit it far (no dead straight all the time but more reliable than a light swing).
  4. My dad does a similar move. I think you are pulling it.
  5. Damn it hurts like hell in the morning. Almost paralyzing. Hope it isn't arthritic.
  6. Yea my dad experiences this too. And this pain, well its not really painful but irritating, has been persisting for like two months now..
  7. My fingers have been hurting lately. Not really calluses but more of a bruising (?) of the bones on the finger. At first it was my pinky and the finger right next to it on my left hand. Now it's those fingers on my right. It hurts especially when i wake up in the morning. But throughout the day, I can definately feel pressure there. The bones are feel as if they are double jointed. Anyone else get this?
  8. wow no feedback ?!! =[
  9. Yea, there are a few rough spots. But I just used a program called "Audacity". Basically I just put a mic over on my amp and just recorded lol. It's a crappy way to record but I get decent quality from it.
  10. I noticed how flat my plane is. My hands are about ear level at the top of my swing. If I try to swing on a higher plane with my driver, it just feel so un-natural. hmm? is this something I should be concerned about?
  11. Hey guys. Here's an updated swing of mine. I feel like I'm coming over the top with my driver. I don't think my hip rotation is solid. Any other flaw in my swing you guys notice? - I'm sure I have a lot. Well, here's a little compilation of swings at the driving range today.
  12. Who was watching the Wells Fargo tournament?? Isn't Gary Koch hilarious?! Atleast I think it's Gary Koch. haha i love it when golf commentators make funny remarks unintentionally. what happened to him? he isn't on the air nomore!! i want him back! i was literally laughing my arse off watching golf
  13. I am having trouble with squaring the club face on top of the backswing.. I feel like my hands are leading my shoulders but even when I try to consciously fix it, it doesn't seem like it works. Is it my wrist cocking? Am I cocking my wrists on too much of a slanted angle?
  14. John, I know where you are coming from. I hate it too. No confidence when you approach the ball at the course with low irons. Shanking them into hazards. It's a mess.. But really, you have decent clubs and don't worry about dumping your money in new clubs. Practice hard at the driving range and get those clubs down. This is what I did. It took a little persistence, but in the end, you'll love that crisp sound when you hit that hybrid 200 yards. Try to learn something new every time you go to the driving range. It is no use going to the range and merely hitting balls for enjoyment. Everytime I go to the range, I learn something new and I always make adjustments. They are little adjustments, but ultimately are the foundation of a profound swing.
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