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  1. Honestly, I think the swing looks good. I could see how you pull it from time to time, not a big deal however. As for the drop of the head, its ok. As long as you keep your height going back, and you do. The shoulders do appear a bit closed at impact, probably part of the release you feel stuck sometimes. As for the release, it is tough to tell without a FO view. But it looks fine. I don't think you need to shallow the plain anymore. Just work on getting the shoulders turned more at impact.
  2. Just keep it copied and paste it when needed.
  3. It is a pretty simple reason actually. Ok here we go; 95% of new players swing the club with their arms/hands. They end flipping at the ball, trying to help it up on the air. If a player starts with putting, but keeping the wrists/arms/hands quite. It can than me easily transitioned into a big swing, i.e chipping. If a playing chips the ball correctly, again by hitting slightly down into the ball, not breaking the wrist. This can be moved into a larger swing, i.e pitch shots, half swings, full swings. Really, it is about not allowing someone to develop bad habits. It is easy to start someone putting, and say.. 'do it like this' it is harder if you try to do that with a full swing. ..Plus didn't anyone ever tell you golf is all about the short game? hehe. :)
  4. I doubt P90X had any affect on it. I still do it to this day, and I play off a 2. Try to relax first off. Second, remember, the body starts the downswing. Just let your arms fall back into place. My guess would be your swing path is it out of whack and you have a bit of a OTT move. Have any videos we can look at?
  5. This is a good drill. Except he means he is coming too far to the inside on the way down to the ball. Not in the backswing.
  6. Ha, sorry it posted so many times, no idea what happened! First; No a pro probably will not start you that way, because they need to justify charging $60.00+ an hour, and most people would be disappointed if this all they did. However that really si the way you should learn. Second; Just call up local golf coursers, or google for golf instruction in your area. When you call just ask the questions you want. If they seem short on phone with you, it is probably someone you want to avoid.
  7. Haha, well yes it would help to play from the correct side of the golf ball! But a video will be of a big help. Its tough to even guess otherwise.
  8. It would be nice to see a face on video, to take a look at impact. You said above at one point that you wanted to work on the flying wedge, to maintain more lag, and have less flip. However lag is a result of a good golf swing. You cannot make an attempt to create lag in your swing. Lag is a law of physics if you swing the club correctly. In other words, you need to figure out what you are doing that is causing you to lose that lag. In the first video, the club coming back too far inside would most likely make you flip at it through impact. Like mentioned above, you need to make sure your head stays still, and the same height on the way back. On the downswing the head can dip a bit, however there should be no movement latterly. Also in the swing right above, it looks like your stance is a bit open. Look at your feet, compared to the club shaft on the ground. Unless of course you were doing this on purpose.
  9. Good point. And no it does not. The way I take it; They measured the temp of the ball. Not the outside temp. However this would most likely mean that, at 45 degrees outside, the ball may be below 40 degrees. The rest goes on to talk about how, keeping the ball in your pocket is not enough to warm it up. It also talks about how using a hand warmer to warm it up would be against the rules. It suggests, you keep 4 or 5 golf balls in your house the night before you play and switch them every few holes.
  10. What is really odd is that, the distance drops a lot after you go below 65 degrees. However above 75 it does raise that much. Now, the teaching manual is a bit old. So perhaps the newer balls are better with this. Not positive tho.
  11. As a teaching professional; Any lessons will be helpful. Golf Galaxy is great. They do not just take fly-by-night instructors. The fact that they use video, and such is the best. I also you video in ALL my lessons. I honestly do not think you can teach golf without it. You need visual feedback. Most important make sure you and the instructor 'click' ! Alternatively if you feel like taking a drive down to the Jersey Shore, I could fit you in. ;) hehe.
  12. Here is the answer straight from my PGA Teaching Manual; 'The temperature of a golf ball affects its ability to rebound from the clubface. The following chart is the approximate influence of temperature on the ball for a shot that would normally carry 220 yards at 75 degree temperature. Yards --- Temp 226 ------- 105 224 ------- 95 222 ------- 85 220 ------- 75 216 ------- 65 214 ------- 55 205 ------- 45 196 ------- 35 It gives the reasoning of rubber being a poor conductor of heat. So your answer; yes.
  13. Here you go; http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sAyhowwGyJE If you have questions, let me know!
  14. Just looked at the 6i videos. Both the swings were a little bit inside coming back, but right on plane coming down. Now the camera angle may have a fooled me a bit, but I don't think so. What kind of misses are you having that you think you are coming too far from the inside? To me the downswing looks on plane.
  15. I think he said his irons are offset, which would explain why he hits those better and not the driver.
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