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  1. Thanks for your note, Boston. I'm not sure I understand your anecdote, though. Are you saying that beginners' sets are shorter than regular sets? If I buy the +1 beginner's set that the pro fit for me, it's actually shorter than a regular size set?
  2. I went to a golf shop and met a very nice pro. He showed me some clubs, answered a ton of questions, and essentially gave me a 20 minute lesson -- I used some clubs at the indoor video driving range, and we talked about the differences in some of the equipment. It was quite a great experience. I found out that I should swing +1 clubs because of my height; they're lots more comfortable. I'm still a bit baffled at the range of available equipment, though. We looked at three beginner sets -- bag, driver, putter, irons and wedges -- and they ranged in price from $200 to $400. There are single putters that cost $200, and single drivers that cost $400. What's the difference? How can one putter be worth as much as a beginner's set? How can one beginner's set be worth twice another?
  3. Yep, I've heard that golf is about the short game. And I can understand that -- it's in the short game that accuracy and control matter the most. That fact doesn't explain why you'd want to learn the short game first, though. Your explanation -- about developing better swing habits -- does.Yep, I've heard that golf is about the short game. And I can understand it -- that's where accuracy matters more than anywhere else. That doesn't explain why you'd want to learn the short game first, though
  4. Right now, Costco has a set of Taylormade clubs that appears to retail for about $1000 on sale for $600, including a bag. I'm not sure about the club selection, though it seems like it's otherwise a great bargain. There are new Adams Golf sets that seem reasonable for about $400 direct from the Adams Golf website. I'm wary of borrowing clubs because I think that success at golf has to do with consistency. It'll be hard to be consistent if my foundation is changing at all times. A lot of guys have suggested starting with small swings and working up. (One guy made the suggestion for times, in fact. LOL.) What's the basis for this suggestion? Would a pro start me out that way, too? I agree that it's hard to find someone I'd mesh with -- not that I'm difficult, just that it's easiest to learn from someone when you've hit it off with them. How do I find pros to interview? Thanks again for all the tips and suggestions! :)
  5. Thanks! :) I've spent time with borrowed clubs at the driving range a few times -- from junk clubs at the range to friends clubs that I borrowed from their bags. I really enjoy hitting, and that's good I think because I realize that the best way to be good at golf is to practice. I've not spent much time on the course. I've only played once with some friends at a short par 3 nine-hole course. It was lots of fun and very informal, but I learned a lot and did quite well. I'm thinking of buying a used driver, then a couple of used irons. If I don't spend much, I can take these to the range and get used to them and try to develop some consistency. If I find I don't have the time or interest, I can bail out without having spent too much. My main worry is developing bad habits without instruction. Should that be a concern? I figure if I'm comfortable with a swing and haven't spent a lot of time at it, then a good instructor should be able to help me change it.
  6. Hi! I've been thinking about starting to golf. I must say that I'm completely overwhelmed by my next step. Equipment selection is terrifying; there seem to be lots of crazy gimmicks, and clubs seem to go out of style. I don't need any of that crap, though I don't want to buy anything that makes me feel frustrated. I think I'd be thrilled to buy some used clubs -- whatever was top of the line three or five years ago should be more than adequate and pretty cheap for me. The selection on CraigsList around here seems pretty crummy; lots of junk. The used sites on the internet seem to price things quite expensively, with less of a discount than I'd expected for last years' gear. Where are good places to look for used or out-dated equipment? I'm also a little surprised at not being able to find beginners' resources. I've found some advice about choosing clubs. I've read that I want high-loft and regular flex, for example. (Do I have it right?) Should I start with lessons, or just go to the range and hit? Should I get fitted at a shop, or just buy used? Do I have any business trying clubs out at "demo days" at the shops? Most importantly, what are good resources for doing my own reading? Thanks for your help.
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