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  1. I hear that - I've only broken one so far this year. Those things are amazing.
  2. Sorry, but that's just not the case anymore. Priority goes to faster groups if the slower group has room in front, and also goes to a group playing 18 holes over one that's playing less than a full round. It doesn't matter how many players are in a group. Again, this is just proper etiquette, and it's pretty clear under the USGA's Etiquette section.
  3. Actually, they don't have the right of way if they are playing slower than you are. It used to be that a foursome had priority, but not anymore - slower groups should allow faster groups to play through - it's just proper etiquette. Even says so in the rule book. When you're on the green and they're on the next tee, just ask to play through - they'll let you. Absolutely! And since you're new to the game, that's a better choice than trying to play through, if no one is pushing you and you have the time. Wait until your Big Bertha is repaired and compare them side by side.
  4. Actually, you are...the point being competition for different levels of ability. Clubs usually have several different "flights" for their club championship, with each flight based on a handicap range or qualifying scores. Flights are then labeled Championship Flight, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc., Senior, and so forth. Way to go lamebums , you've really got this thread off track!!!
  5. plus4

    Keep Stats

    I didn't open your file because I don't know where it's been , but from one Excel "guru" to another, I'd recommend placing each specific type of data (each stat/shot) in its own column. The data entry is still pretty simple, plus this will allow you to generate any statistic you want, as well as do all kinds of sorting, pivot tables, etc. in an efficient manner. I have a pretty detailed spreadsheet that I record my rounds in. It's amazing what you can learn about your game by analyzing your stats. For anyone that doesn't want to bother with a spreadsheet, Intelligolf is probably the best
  6. I use and highly recommend the Bushnell 1500 Pinseeker without the slope function. The Pinseeker feature gives you the yardage to the closest object it locates, which is great considering you're trying to pick up a flag at a distance among a backdrop of trees, etc. I know it was a few pages ago, but I wish people would quit saying things like "using a rangefinder or GPS feels like cheating" - it's not. Now if you're using a rangefinder that has a slope function, something to gauge wind direction, etc. for other than a practice round, well, then, that IS cheating. Without question, I h
  7. If you play in a club championship, I take that to mean you belong to a club. If so, why wouldn't you use the handicap system at your club? I would think the club would require you to, just for determining which flight you'd be in for the club championship. Also, handicap services are usually included in membership fees/dues. As for the GIR/score formula, I've used it as a comparison tool for awhile now and find it to be pretty accurate over the long term. For the current year, it "predicts" my average score to within one stroke. The nature of the formula is this: the more well-rounded
  8. That's a great deal getting a free launch monitor analysis with a driver purchase! Many pro shops/stores will still charge a fee - maybe $25 or $50 - for the monitor, or give you a discount off of their typical launch monitor session fee. It also depends on the quality of monitor the store has. If it reports the 4 major specs (launch angle, ball speed, clubhead speed and ball spin rate) and it's a quality machine, it's worth paying for (if they're charging). If even one of those specs is missing, I wouldn't pay a penny.
  9. Like others have said, if you are buying the irons you're being fitted for, there should be no fee for the fitting. Also, you mentioned using a launch monitor for the fitting - this is unnecessary for an iron fitting.
  10. plus4

    Yardage Book

    You don't HAVE to use the stickers... The yardage books at the sites I linked (TPK, Yardage-Marker) will both work. Regardless of which yardage book you use, you'll probably want to use a cover for it just to keep it intact. I use them for practice rounds/tournaments that I play in and those are two of the better books I've come across. If you find any other good choices, let me know!
  11. plus4

    Yardage Book

    Here are two that you can use: http://www.tpkgolf.com http://www.yardage-marker.com These are just what you're looking for.
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