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  1. You can check the points for every player for every week for the last 30 or so years (http://www.owgr.com/en/Ranking/PlayerProfile.aspx?playerID=5321# --> player's ranking history at the bottom right of the page). At the beginning of 2013 Woods was at 8.4 points, in April he was at over 14 points. At the end of 2012 (that year was as bad as 2014) he was at 2.5 points, at the end of summer he was back at 9.7 points. This just goes to show how fast a few wins result in quite a big jump in the rankings. Like I said, two average years (say 4-5 win each, which is even below average for him in i
  2. Last year he had a point average of more than 14. That alone would easily be enough to get back to #1 (for comparison: McIlroy is at about 11 points right now). Next year it's unlikely that he can reach #1 (new swing and all), but he needs just two average years (by his standards) to get it back to #1. If he goes on a tear like 2000 he probably will reach close to a 30 points average.
  3. [COLOR=181818] [COLOR=FF0000]I want to win a Callaway Big Bertha Driver[/COLOR] [/COLOR] Dustin Johnson: -11 Hideki Matsuyama: -11 Mikko Illonen: -11
  4. Hunter Mahan -4 Kevin Streelmna -4 Tiger Woods +24 (as always participating just for fun)
  5. Well, I've picked him in the contest and in my opinion, he really didn't come that close to my expectations...
  6. Not a single back nine roar, not a good sign. The finish was very anti-climactic. But after the last few Masters (the last three have been brilliant on sunday) it's not surprising to get a mediocre one. I would never have thought that Watson would win a second major. But he drove the ball beautifully all week, the one on 13 was just crazy. Good results for Spieth, Fowler and Blixt, dissapointing Sundays for Kuchar, Furyk and Westwood.
  7. I'm pulling for Blixt, but I don't know why exactly.
  8. You are not alone with that opinion: The ratings on thursday were down 30% (compared to last year), friday they were down 45% http://blog.timesunion.com/sportsmedia/masters-ratings-continue-to-lag-behind-last-year/14722/
  9. Tough crowd here as usual... I think it's fair to state that the greens are exceptionally fast/difficult this week (especially compared to most weeks on the PGA Tour). But I guess unless I can prove this statement with 3 peer reviewed journal articles, it's also wrong ;)
  10. The (amateur) marker playing with Rory McIlroy seemingly beat him by 1 shot. http://www.sbnation.com/golf/2014/4/12/5607956/rory-mcilroy-masters-marker-jeff-knox-augusta-national
  11. The players in the groups 17 and 28 could all be on the leaderboard (probably not Stenson) - and it would be cool to watch.
  12. Rory McIlroy -17 Stephen Gallacher -13 Bernhard Langer -52
  13. The shot at 3:00 is really cool. They are starting to use the tracer more often on tee shots and regular shots this season (at least I notice it more than in years past), which I think is a good development.
  14. Does anyone here have experience with back pain? Is putting worse for the back than full shots?
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