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  1. Shindig Your been a great help so far, thanks. it is a Corba S9. I set up pretty normal with my irons. as for my driver I play it even or just outside my front foot. with a closed stance (back foot about 4-5" back and sometimes i try to close the head slightly to help lesson the slice. Its a controllable slice but would like to get rid of most of it. Thanks again Army
  2. None of my clubs were ever fitted I use a Nike S9 10.5 Reg Flex about 200 yrds on the driver. I use Wilson Fat shaft Deep red irons My others club I would say follow the line of above the low the wood less of a slice the lower the iron the less hook 3-9 PW,SW, Gap are pretty decent
  3. ok I slice my driver and hook my mid irons can anyone help me with this i'm a 22 HC . I feel the swing is the same to me but what do I know !!!! Thanks Army
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