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  1. Used to be visor before the whole balding thing started, now it's a cap
  2. The "Hammer" is the tool you should use to hit Jack Hamm in the back of the head so he'll stop making annoying infomercials.
  3. I bought a 17* TaylorMade Tour Burner Rescue Hybrid
  4. buy a nice house, car, and put some away for kids college. Then donate the rest to the needy and other charaties.
  5. Just bought a 2001 s10 blazer 4X4
  6. I got an IPOD nano, gift certificates to Dick's (so I got a taylormade burner 5WD with it to complete my set) an Old Spice gift set(guess that means i stink or somethin) new star trek movie.
  7. I usually save the boxes from the clubs I order online then I will always have some on hand.
  8. Two upgrades (sort of) New Golf Pride Multi-Compound Decade grips on all clubs New golf gps (probably v100 sonocaddie)
  9. I heard Mangini is carrying around one to block everything the fans are throwing at him this year
  10. I don't have a set of them for sale, however I do have the Tour Burner SW brand new for sale. I would let it go for $35 if you're interested.
  11. 1. Golf GPS 2. TaylorMade Burner TP Balls 3. Golf Glove 4. Golf Tees 5. Tiger Wood's bank account
  12. I play the TaylorMade Burners. I really like them and they are around 20 bucks
  13. I sit around and wish it is next july when I will be playing near myrtle beach Actually I'm thinking of joining a indoor golf center that's about 20 miles away.
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