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  1. I live on camp pendleton, California and am looking to take some lessons to get some improvement in my game. Does anyone know of a good instructor in the oceanside California area or an area close by?
  2. You always hear about people using three woods off the tee for more accuracy. In my case I am just about as unpredictable with it as I am my driver. How is it that people are so much more accurate with the three wood? Every time that I put my three wood on the tee, its a wicked slice. Off the deck its about 80% straight, 20% WTF. Does anyone have any tips on how to increase three wood accuracy? Distance is not the problem, I would gladly give up distance to gain accuracy.
  3. I can relate to your problem. I just made the switch from a regular to a stiff shaft. I have not seen any difference in ball flight. I was looking to bring it down a little and that is what was suggested to me by the guy at the local driving range. Luckily I don't lose much distance when I put them up there. But sometimes I feel like a homerun hitter watching it fly to deep left center with a towering shot!!! Its pretty annoying. Good luck on finding the answer. I am curretnly working on bringing the ball back in my stance to force myself to hit it lower. Might try that, its the only thing I could think of.
  4. I am looking for a Taylormade Superfast 3W left handed. Anyone wanting to get rid of one? Let me know the price.
  5. Lately I have been moving in the wrong direction in my game. I played today and shot a pathetic 90 to me. I had 6 doubles all due to not hitting the green in regulation. I am averaging 29.2% in the greens in regulation category. This is a drastic drop for me as I have been playing very well for me lately and have moved my handicap from over 18 to as low as 13.6 this summer. My short game has improved so I am still able to get up and in worse case two putt. U have pretty much eliminated three putting. The problem is from about 120 and in. I am usually left or dead on the pin and short. I dont know if its a judgement error or something in my swing. Also this is shots coming off the ground. When I put a ball on a tee I am certain to pull it about 20 yards right. Does anyone have any advice as to how to break out of this or am I completely in my head? Please help any and all advice needed and appreciated. I want to be a 10 handicap by end of summer and this is suddenly a huge boulder in my way!! Thanks in advance. Also there is a swing post of my swing already. I have changed my swing plane already and have also shortened my backwswing.
  6. I am playing this course tomorrow and have never been out there. What is it like? What kind of game do you need to bring to it? Pictures look nice, what do you think?
  7. I am reposting on this thread because I am stuck at this point in my game. I have made some serious improvement to my overall game this year so far and I am looking to continue the improvement. Like I said, I am stuck and am curious as to if anyone sees anything else in my swing. Thanks in advance.
  8. I play my 4i probably 10 times a round. The course that I play has par 5s that allow me to hit driver then 4i and leave myself a fairly full 56 degree to the green. It also has a couple of par fours that dogleg almost 90 degrees and my 4i is the perfect club to cut the corner to the middle of the fairway. The reason I use it so much is I can carry about 230 with it when I jump on it, sometimes more, and feel very comfortable over the ball with it. I don't play a 3i and my 5i is used at 195-210. If I took my 4i out of the bag I would be in trouble because I carry nothing between 3w and 4i.
  9. I have been reading that the overlap grip has been helping people fix their slices. They are also saying that in the process of fixing the slices with long clubs that their short irons have started hooking or not getting pure contact. My question is, how do you all feel about using multiple grips? For example if you play your short irons or irons in general with an interlock and have no problems, why not stay. If you change to an overlap on the longer clubs and it works why not use it? Do you all think that by doing this you will eventually cause problems in your game or do you feel that it could be beneficial to change grips depending on the club in your hand?
  10. I am looking for a forged set of left handed irons. Would prefer either Taylormade or Cobra but I'm open to any that fit my needs, wants or desires!!!
  11. So I have to tell someone who gets it, because my wife doesn't understand golf. I played in my first multi day tournament over the last two days. It was a four man team total event. I unfortunantely was on a team with two guys who had never been on a golf course before and both of them shot a 140 on both days. That's the max they would give. So ultimately we were dead last. On the bad side of the tournament, on day one I shot a 99, the slow paced play of the other two killed my game. On the upside I was able to play in a different foursome the second day(today) and shot an 85 with three 3 putts on par threes after hitting the green with first shot and 2 doubles on par fours. So the possibility of going into the upper 70's was there. I am excited because my game is finally getting back on track. On the individual side I finished 17th out of over 70 golfers so I felt good about that. Not a bad day at the course and not a bad first tournament, although I'll admit there was not a lot of scratch players. But regardless I felt good walking off the course today. Sorry for the patting my own back post but my wife was looking at me like a monkey doing a math problem.
  12. Does anyone use the Taylormade Superfast 3W and the 3H? If so, what are your thoughts on the products? I am in the market for a new 3W and I don't have anything between my current 3W and 4I. If you don't play these specific clubs, what would you suggest? I havean extremely high ball flight, and tend to fade my woods.
  13. I know I do not want a MB 3 and 4 iron. Those are the two that give me problems as with a lot of people. I would keep those CB, move to MC 5,6,7 and MB 8,9,pw. I don't need a gap wedge as I play Callaway wedges and honestly don't use the gap wedge all that much anymore. I may look into getting another one as my current wedges are 56,60,64(my course has a lot of elevated greens). I would probably pick up a 52 Jaws Wedge to go with the rest of my wedges.
  14. I knew I would get this response! Anyway, I have been playing golf pretty much my entire life. I just have not had much time in the last couple of years to really focus on my game. I now have all the time I need to get my game back on track. I am only 29 so I would like to get some irons that will work for me for awhile as you mentioned. The ones that I am currently playing, I didnt choose. They were a gift from my very thoughtful wife. They have always felt pretty short for my height. I am 6'2. I know these clubs I want are designed for the better player but I really like the feel of the MB clubs, I just wouldn't feel comfortable having them through my entire set. That is why I would like to move to the MC mid irons and CB for the long irons. I am a pretty solid ball striker with the irons. My problem comes from the tee, hince, "in the woods" I lose strokes because of that most of the time. If you were me, what would you look into. The s9's that I currently play feel big and bulky and it really hit me when I started playing the Callaway Jaws Wedges. I love the way they feel and look. Now I want irons that are thinner and more compact looking and feeling.
  15. I was watching the golf channel a couple of weeks ago and someone said something that really made sense to me and actually helped my next time out. The next round I played had a ton of water on it. The guy giving the Driver lesson said, "if you come to hole where there is water left, OB right and a fairway down the middle, instead of saying there is the fairway... oh wait water left OB right..." you should say "Ok I have water left, OB right but look at that pretty fairway in the middle." He pointed out that the first way you acknowledged the fairway but the last thought you put in your mind was either water or OB. Therefore more often than not you find water or OB. The second way, you acknowledge the water and OB, but this time the last thought in your head before you swing your club is that pretty fairway dead center. More often than not your body will follow your mind and there goes the ball, down the pipe. I don't know how well this works but I am simple minded and it worked well for me to have a picture of the fairway in my head instead of the picture of water before I hit the ball.
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