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  1. Don't the LCG models also come with a pretty substantial shaft upgrade, like a Matrix X-Con compared to the non-LCG which comes with a Speeder. This is of course assuming that a custom shaft isn't in there. The head should say either way.
  2. The original Dynamic Gold shafts were pretty good. Definitely one of my favorite iron shafts. I'm typically a mid ball-flight guy and these were good for me. The 701s still hit the ball reasonably high, probably due to the cavity, but they can be hit low into the wind also. They have a nice soft feel and I love the ball flight. It's not the highest ball-flight I've ever hit by any means, but to me it's probably the most controllable as far as being able to keep it low or hit it high. The only reason I switched to the Rifle was to get a little extra distance and a different feeling shaft. I'm kind of between the typical R300 and S300 for Dynamic Gold and the Rifle 5.0 happened to fit me well. I went through a fitting a few months ago and the Rifle shafts gave me a little more carry distance without sacrificing any shot dispersion so I went ahead and switched. I still have the DGs and can put them back in if I choose, but for now I think the Rifles are just slightly better suited to me.
  3. Yep, using these irons, 5-PW, with Rifle shafts now, originally had the standard Dynamic Gold in them. They are pretty similar to the Mizuno MX-25s, slightly more pointed at the top of the toe, with a little different sole. The sole is thicker, but rounded at the front and back to give some relief. Feel is super soft. The face is a softer material (1020) than the rest of the body (1025). Feel is softer than any recent Mizuno to me. I absolutely the irons. They don't have a ton of offset, but they do provide a decent amount of forgiveness. I believe Stenson is still using a set of them. I would still suggest you try to find some to try out because they won't appeal to everyone, but they are definitely the favorite irons of everything I have hit, and I have hit just about every major release in the last 5 years. If you have any other questions about them, feel free to ask.
  4. Nothing that I want. If there is something I want, I save up money for it and then buy it. The closest thing I have to a golf wish is for my new driver, 3 wood, and hybrids to arrive before my golf trip at the end of December. I'm leaving on the 28th, and going to play 3 or 4 rounds in as many days and having the new clubs in time would be great.
  5. Not sure that's entirely accurate. According to Srixon, the URS has a lower compression and so wouldn't need as high of a swing speed to get the most of it distance-wise. The URS is a bit softer feeling. Actually the Srixon balls are somewhat of an anomaly as the URS has a lower compression core, softer feel, while having lower spin compared to the URC. Both of the Srixon balls are good. From talking with other players the ones that like the V1 tend towards the URS and the ones that play the V1x seem to prefer the URC. The URS works better for me all around, but I love both balls and would play either one. I'm also interested in trying the B330-RX but it's getting to the last couple weeks of the semester so I'm out of a commission for a while.
  6. Went through a fitting and it's going to get a little expensive for me. After hitting just about everything Ping had to offer at a demo day they ended up fitting me for a new driver, 3 wood, and a couple of hybrids. For driver we are going with the 65g YS-Q, for the 3 wood, the 75g YS-Q, and then the YS-Q hybrid shafts for the hybrids. It's a pretty similar feeling shaft to the YS-6+ which is what I am currently playing in my Hibore XL. On paper the specs look pretty similar. It plays just a tad stiffer than the YS-6+, but is still suited to a smoother swing (like mine). Personally I think it is a sweet shaft and fits me better than shafts like the VS Proto, V2, etc. but that is for my swing. Your swing will be completely different from mine and so it might not work, but if you like the YS-6 it is not a bad one to try. I get a little more pop from it than I do with the YS-6 and still a nice feel. The ball speed was a little higher and the spin numbers were a little lower with the YS-Q than the 6, which helped me get a little extra distance, which I'm never going to complain about. As with everything though, definitely get fit. It's a great shaft, I also really liked the Quattrotech, but it was spinning a bit much for me. Definitely give it a try though, as well as all the other offerings out there. There is a shaft out there for pretty much everyone. The YS-Q is mine, now it's just waiting on the clubs.
  7. Definitely get fit for them. Don't just do a static fit, make sure to get fit when you are actually hitting balls. Just holding the club the toe of my irons sits up but at contact during the actual swing my irons are perfect at 3 degrees upright. Also, make sure you get fit to the irons you are actually going to buy, not all companies have the same standard lie angle (Mizuno tends to be flatter than Cobra for example).
  8. I did hit a demo one of the Viper Tour drivers that had the XT shaft in it. Overall it's a solid shaft, just not for me. I prefer something with more of a smoother feel to it. I actually hit the Viper Tour pretty well, pretty much on par with my HiBore XL with the original shaft. Something about the feel of the shaft I don't really care for. Personal taste. It's a solid shaft that I could play with good success, just not "the" shaft for me when it comes to the driver. I built a Viper Tour driver with a spined Aldila NV and that guy just absolutely bombs it. I'd like to try one with a shaft that fits me a little better, but too expensive of an experiment after I went and got fitted to new woods last weekend. I was just absolutely bombing the clubs that they fitted me to. Perfect feel and just awesome jump off the club at impact. Unfortunately the shaft is so expensive normally, that it's actually cheaper to buy the OEM club with the custom shaft option than to build a Viper Tour with that same shaft. Same general experience in the hybrid. Solid shaft (probably why they suggest it for that head) but just not quite right. For the price I think it's a very good shaft and we sold a lot of them, but it doesn't fit me better than other options that are out there. It has a pretty stable feel at impact (somewhat similar to like a Proforce V2) but the tip felt a little whippy to me. If I tried to really go after it, I felt like a lost the feel of the clubhead a bit. If I stayed back and let the shaft do the work I had pretty good success with it, it just wasn't as good of a fit when I tried to really go after it.
  9. The 24 hybrid goes farther than the 4-iron it replaced, that isn't the problem, it's just that I found a different head/shaft combo that fits my distance gaps better. I don't particularly like the XT shaft. I've hit it in a couple different heads, including the Viper Tour, and it doesn't perform for me. Couldn't really explain why, just not the right one for me. It doesn't feel good and I just don't seem to get any real "pop" from it.
  10. Have the 18 degree and the 24 degree of these. Awesome feeling clubs. I ended up putting a couple of Snake Eyes VSE Fairway shafts that were sitting around in them. Tipped them like a 7/9 wood. They worked well, but personally I wish they used 0.370 tip shafts instead of 0.335. They designed them for 0.335 to give more options with graphite shafts, which makes sense, but I prefer a heavier shaft in my hybrids (75+ gram) which was a little harder to find. I changed the two light weights out for 2 heavier weights. Made them 1/2" longer than standard. I hit these things well, but they give up a little distance for me, maybe 5-10 yards, but enough to notice. One of the best looking hybrids I've seen and nice sound and overall performance. They are likely getting kicked out of the bag, not really because there is anything wrong with them, just decided that the NV shaft was robbing me of some of the advantage of hybrids (hitting a little low for me). Since the reshafting cost would be a very large percentage of what new hybrids would cost, I think I'm going to buy new ones and either keep these as spares or sell them off.
  11. I live like 2 blocks from Rice University, not sure where that is in relation to you guys. I just moved here a little over a month ago. Not getting to play enough golf recently, need to find some people to play with again.
  12. Well, I'm still paying for it, but the first car I actually paid for was my 2008 Honda Accord Coupe. When I turned 16 I ended up driving around my mother's car because I needed a car (1991 Sentra) to get to all my various things and the parents were too busy to drive me around. Then my father died a little over a year later and we sold the Sentra and I drove his 1998 Toyota Corolla up until the end of June this year. I have always paid for gas and repairs and things such as that, but I was in college working part time so didn't have the means to really buy a car at the time. Now I'm in graduate school and the Toyota was 10 years old and decided it was time to move up a little. Picked my Honda up from the dealer (had it special ordered and built) on July 1st and so far have about 6200 miles on it since then. Absolutely love the car, it's quite a step up from the previous vehicles. I'm 22 so obviously I haven't had the years of real jobs to say I've had a number of different cars, but this one is my baby.
  13. First one is pretty old by now, second is from July when I went to Utah for a couple days.
  14. Well, you won't be able to match that shaft exactly because that one is made specially for Adams for those clubs. The normal version would be the DVS 60, which is slightly heavier, and really nearly impossible to tell what spec differences may exist otherwise. It shares the name of the DVS, but Adams can ask for different specs to be made on the shafts for them. The normal DVS 60 is also about $200 from most shops so I don't think you would really want to go that route. The shaft that you is a little iffy on if it could be reused. You might be able to trim the tip and put it in a hybrid or a 5 wood, but it's hard to guess how much the graphite inside the tip where it broke is already weakened so I wouldn't really suggest it. I would just have it sent back to Adams.
  15. Not quite sure what to expect from the whole thing. I just moved to Houston about 2 weeks ago, haven't gotten in any golf yet because I don't have a clue where the decent courses are or know anyone for that matter. Anyway, from the look of it I'm far enough inland that I may not have to go anywhere. My girlfriend lives about an hour away and she will be evacuating to somewhere today it looks. Houston seems to still be waiting for word on the whole thing. Hopefully everyone in more pressing danger can get out safely and it all turns out ok. I've been keeping my eye on it for the last couple of days and it doesn't look too good.
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