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  1. If that was directed at me, check my reviews and posts. I'm not on here to advertise. GoflDigest put a one page review of the course in their September issue. I saw it, I live an hour from the site, I went looking for threads on it.
  2. I've been using GolfShot since late 2009, early 2010, something like that. I've also tried GolfLogix multiple times, whenever enough time has gone by that there are new features and I can get a couple of free tests of the full version. There are things to like about both platforms. For me, the deciding factor was the $30 one-time price tag for GolfShot. At the time, GoflShot did not track club distances which I was disappointed in, but they updated a while back and now they do so I'm a happy camper. In the end, I would say that other than the price differential it all comes down to which i
  3. I just saw this course in GolfDigest and being about an hour from there in Tampa I can't friggin' WAIT to get out and play both courses. The pictures look amazing. Trying to hook up with their sales team to find out about stay and play packages, etc. Will post up here when I hear more.
  4. Industry only. Attendance RESTRICTED to the PGA Professionals and affiliates of the Golf Industry (buyers & sellers of golf related products and services ONLY ). Admission to the show requires government issued photo identification plus documentation demonstrating trade affiliation.
  5. I'm originally from NJ (south), and I've always told everyone from the North, it's not that it's hotter or more humid here than there, it's that it lasts much longer.
  6. On the plus side: Much lower greens fees everywhere. Far fewer people playing.
  7. I would say only 2 strokes as per 20-5 (a). I'm no rules official, but your player in question is no longer "starting a hole" as referenced in 11-4 (b). Interesting that, assuming I have it correct, starting a hole off outside of the teeing ground has a stiffer penalty (two strokes + replaying the ball+disqualification if the error is not corrected) than the circumstances in your example.
  8. How did they get your phone number? Had you registered already before deciding not to buy?
  9. Just a couple of quick notes on the compass discussion. Any GPS can be used as a general compass so long as you are moving. Older GPS systems (if anyone hunts, think of the older Garmin Rino GPS/Radios) calculate the output for a digital compass in this way, which is why you have to be moving for them to give you an accurate reading. I used one this past November during a hunting trip and have to say it was kind of a PITA to deal with. However, newer systems (and this includes the iPhones 3GS and later) have chips in them that enable them to output compass information while standing still.
  10. I follow your reasoning on most of this, and while we don't agree, I can see where you are coming from. But the above, I have to say I think you have completely wrong. Yes, the compass on the iPhone makes it illegal because it is an APP that cannot be removed. However, assuming it COULD be, and that no other app on the phone could access the information, stating that the phone had the ability, given the correct app, to measure such information makes it illegal is not backed up by the current rules. [quote]A multi-functional device, such as a smartphone or PDA, may be used as a distan
  11. Was wondering when that would be brought up. The wording could certainly be construed to mean that so long as the device doesn't MEASURE anything, that it is legal. And no current weather app (yes, I realize there are other apps that do this, but they are not weather apps) measure a dang thing. They report.
  12. Which of course makes the ruling all the more silly.
  13. Love it. All of which, makes ZERO sense as turtleback notes. I can SMS/Text to my hearts content and they will trust that I'm not asking someone what the weather conditions are, what club I should use, how a particular hole plays, etc...not to mention that they trust me to do all this even though there are non-conforming apps on my phone. But the minute I start using an app for distance measurements, all that goes out the window. Now I can't be trusted to only use that app and nothing else that might help me. I just don't see how someone can logically argue that any of that makes se
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