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  1. so, i finally got around to renting a Finn a couple of weeks. it was so fun. i also found it easier to find my ball because i could drive directly to it before i forgot which post or mound or ... i lined it up with. AND, i shot my first ever hole-in-one during the round. coincidence? me and the dad on Fried Eggs Golf carding first ever hole-in-one on first ever round on Finn. i am seeing a pattern here!!
  2. this whole helmet thing got me curious especially considering all of those e-scooters popping up in big cities and no one wearing a helmet. i was told that helmet laws will not apply to these golf e-bikes because they are for off-road use only.
  3. My course just got some new one-person golf carts called Finn Cycles. My sons and I took them for a spin during a demo but have not yet played an entire round on them. Have you any of you tried them out? i cant find any reviews on here. I demoed a golf board once a while back but found it very hard to turn. the sales rep made it look like a lot of fun. I remember the Segway way back when. I am curious if any of these one rider options will stick. I liked Finn. It was easy to ride. even the most timid at the demo event were all smiles within seconds. I'll vote 'yea'. how about you? About Finn
  4. to bring this thread up to date, Sun Mountain has indeed brought back the Leather golf bag collection. Check it out -- http://www.sunmountain.com/leather-series.html
  5. Thanks for the thorough review @dkolo. I talked to the Sun Mountain designer of the 2Five and found out a few details to go along with your review. As you point out, the bag's weight does not include the various hangtags that are on the bag right out of the box and does not incude the rainhood which ships in the clothing pocket. Regarding the points where the shoulder straps are attached to the bag, the bag does have a box X stitch at those points to make it stronger and less likely to rip out. See attached photo. About the divider system and its geometry, golfers tend to have strong preferences on this subject. At the extremes, some love the indivudual club divider systems and some despise them with not a lot of opinions in between. One detail to look for when buying a bag is if the dividers are truly full-length all of the way to the bottom of the bag. In Sun Mountain's case, the dividers go the full length to help keep clubs from getting tangled together. On the details of the fabric; it is lightweight and it is thin. For those who have actually touched parachute fabric; it is not that thin. The 2Five uses a 70 denier fabric comparable to the fabric used on mountaineering tents. This fabric is extremely lightweight and also durable. Thanks again for the thorough review. The 2Five is umbelievably lightweight and a real treat to carry.
  6. i was fortunate to get the opportunity to walk the routing for the new 18 at Ballyneal with designer Bruce Hepner. Hepner was lead designer for Doak on the original Ballyneal course and knows the land better than anyone. No doubt he is the man for the job. doesn't take too much imagination to see new golf holes in this sandhills landscape. instead of reading my ramblings, check out what Golf Digest's Ron Whitten was tweeting while walking the routing: RonWhittenGD Ron Whitten Spent much of Wednesday walking thru sandhills as Bruce Hepner showed & explained each hole of his routing of new 18 at Ballyneal in CO ... RonWhittenGD Ron Whitten Hepner calls the land "elegant." Much softer than existing Ballyneal 18, except for a few rugged holes. Great contrasts, wonderful routing.. RonWhittenGD Ron Whitten Hepner's be the most natural course since Sand Hills in NE. Every green site is already there, only 4 holes may need a little massaging. RonWhittenGD Ron Whitten Natural blow-out bunker just to the left of the 16th green site of new Hepner Course at Ballyneal in CO http://twitpic.com/5fpnh5 sounds like construction to start this fall on first 9 holes with all eyes on getting it 'right' as opposed to rushing the process in an attempt to hit a particular finish date. i like the sound of that.
  7. i just saw this news of a unique way to donate to a good cause AND get on at Ballyneal. Good on you, Jim Colton: http://www.wegoblogger31.com/2011/05/ballyneal-member-me-invites-others-you.html 54 holes on the Best New Course of 2006 for $500! (maybe even get a sneak peak at the routing for the new 18!!) I'm no math genius, but that's less than $10/hole. Winning!
  8. i carry a sun mountain swift x. sure the clubs fight for the same space sometimes but no biggie and it's worth it to me for the weight savings. plenty of pocket space for a rainsuit. have fun!
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