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  1. Yes - he's totally done. Until he wins again and then he'll go back to being The Next Tiger. This will sadden Rickie Fowler, who is only 1 win away from being the temporary "Next Tiger" himself. You know who I blame for the above? Golf media. They are so desperate for "The Next Tiger" or the next "Great Rivalry" to come along that they pretty much announce it's arrival weekly.
  2. "Dislike" might be a strong word but, if any of these 3 guys are in a playoff, I'm rooting for the other guy: 1. Kevin Na 2. Jim Furyk 3. Bubba Watson 3 of my favorites: 1. Tiger 2. Rory 3. Jordan Spieth (although if he doesn't turn it around he may slip off my radar). For the record, I dig Patrick Reed. I don't care if he's obnoxious or cocky or fat or whatever. I would like to see stronger play from him, for sure, though. He could easily be my #3 favorite if he was playing better. And like I said before .. I'm not sure "favorite" or "leas
  3. Yeah - that's one thing I really like about him. He was a former world number 1 but he doesn't come off like he could run down from the booth and show us how it's done (Miller? Faldo?). Brandel doesn't do that, of course, but he knows he was never that good and makes up for it by being annoying in other ways.
  4. I really like David Duval as a commentator. I didn't think I would and he does have a kind of reserved presence on camera but he's really grown on me. Feherty, on the other hand, has kind of worn off on me over the last couple of years. I watched his show for a season or 2 but it got a little tiresome. I got a little tired of hearing the same jokes over and over interwoven with stories about his drinking/drugging/experience in rehab. McCord is worse, in my opinion, but I really don't prefer the "schticky" commentators. If they were really that entertaining they'd be entertain
  5. It's probably technique. 4 years ago, my 6 iron was my 150 yard club. I was hitting my drives around 180-200. After 4 years of on-and-off lessons, my 8 iron is my 150 club although I could probably reach it with a really hard 9 if I wanted to. Driver is now around 240-250 (on a good drive, not avg).
  6. I'm a Tiger fan but my interest in him starts and ends on the golf course. Unless he has somehow gained some kind of food credibility that I didn't hear about, I'm not really interested in his restaurant. I've been to a couple other sports star restaurants and they're pretty much all the same. Now, if I was invited to go out to The Woods then, sure, I'd go .. but I would not choose to go there, if it were up to me. Thanks for the review, it was definitely a good read and great pics. I noticed some of the waitresses at the bar looked disappointed, lol . .I guess Tiger's on the wagon
  7. I thought Tiger's performance showed some solid improvement but Sunday's round showed there is still much to do - probably a good portion of it mental. The "old" Tiger Woods always came out strong on Sunday. Another thing - I think he needs to give up the red and black on Sundays. He's been doing it forever . .it's not as cool as it used to be when he's in contention and it seems really out of whack when he's T40 or something. Other than that, I thought the tournament was kind of ho-hum. Good for Davis Love III, of course. I don't know exactly why but the age thing doesn't impress
  8. There have been periods of time where I kept score by the found balls vs the number of strokes, lol. "How'd you do today"? "Great! 2 new pro v1s, a couple of hex chromes in decent shape and no Top-Flites!".
  9. I kinda don't get the Ryder Cup Captain thing . .it's always made such a big deal of but I don't see how it matters all that much who is Captain. I say we pick somebody from outside the world of golf - somebody who is maybe a winning coach in another sport or maybe even a business person. Definitely not Donald Trump, though. And not John Daly, either. The Ryders Cup Captain does sort of "represent" the US . .so we need to make sure we don't pick a clown. What about Michael Jordan?
  10. I wouldn't bet against him making the cut. I'd say you were 100% right if it was almost anybody else but Tiger's got a very strong "fight" mentality . .if the field starts losing ground, Ha! That's exactly how *I* feel. The only thing keeping me from winning every major ever is just one thing . .sucking at golf, lol.
  11. Tiger never fails to surprise me . .just the wrong kind of surprises this year. I'm still scratching my head at how he goes bust . .comes back to win 5 times and then immediately goes bust again. As my wife says just about every time we see him on TV "Poor Tigey" (I know, I know).
  12. +11 83 for Faldo today. I'm sure he didn't hold illusions of contending on Sunday . . but that's got to hurt.
  13. Whatever you do, don't attempt #1. You've probably been in enough people's ears about the rules that, if they see you break one, they'll be sure to mention it. You won't be able to claim ignorance, either. 2 seems impossible. Even if you found all those people I think the dude in the letter is correct . .you'd need on-course rules officials to run the league like you're wanting it to run. I never quizzed anybody but I doubt anybody I see on any golf course I play knows all the rules . .most probably don't even care. They know the basics and then just improvise the rest as they go.
  14. It happened to me at the range a long time ago. It was before I actually started playing . my brother and I took our Dad's clubs down to the range to hit a few. Of course, the head of his 3 wood came off and went flying down the range. Neither one of us could hit a golf ball back then (he still can't, lol) but we weren't being abusive with the club or anything. It was a large, busy range - we never got the head back . .my Dad took it pretty well, though.
  15. There's a lot of talk on this site about pace of play - people griping about slow players, people griping about "speed demons", discussing round times, yada yada. It's really simple, though . .you are supposed to stay "in position" with the group ahead of you. If you walk to the tee and there is nobody on your hole (and it's not a par 3), you are "out of position". If the course is packed, you should work to get back into position asap. If you just can't do it, you should skip a hole - especially if you are a beginner/very high handicapper. If you're not a beginner or very high capper, yo
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