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  1. Thanks everyone for your input. I have had a few ideas about making my own mat so I think I will give that a go. For now however I am going to buy a synthetic grass cut out from a grass shop. They have mats that are very similar to the first cut of rough at my course. When hitting out of the first cut of rough, on my course anyway, the grass is quite dense and stiff. Most of the time the ball just sits on top just like it does with this mat. Crucially though when hitting out of this rough on the course you don't actually take a divot since the ball is on top, instead you take a few grass cuttings. The rough mat from the grass shop also can do this so it is quite realistic except it will wear overtime. As for a good realistic fairway mat its very difficult to achieve realism since you are actually taking earth with you, something a mat won't do (and may never do)so I am thinking of some kind of solution for that.
  2. Hi I just got a driving net for practice in the home however the garden is getting wrecked so I can't really hit of the grass any more. I was looking at driving range mats but I don't think they are the way to go and am considering just hitting of a tee. What are your thoughts on this? I am using it with my camcorder to constantly check my swing so I intend to put a tonne of hours into it this year. Driving mat - can't afford a "good one". A bad one could promote injury plus years a go when I went to the range I couldn't hit a ball worth of crap on the golf course. Hence why I stopped going. Unrealistic. Just a tee in the garden - Won't destroy the garden as much (could put a door mat underneath tee) but more realistic I guess than hitting of the mat? Its cheap.
  3. The thing with slow play really is that it doesn't matter how slow a golfer plays it doesn't bother me in the slightest if I see a group of elderly or slow golfers on the course, it makes me happy. What I really cannot stand for the life of me is the ones that have no etiquette what so ever and never let you through. That is the thing that I hate slow players not giving a toss and letting you play through rather than slow golfers in general. I do encourage what 240 is doing but I think it will be hard to do. Golf used to be a real gentlemans game but now I think it has lost a lot of that. Some of the people I have seen at my club disgust me. dont repair divots, pitch marks, skipping holes in front of groups, being ignorant etc. I think the only true way to bring back this good gentlemanly nature of the game would be for courses to become a lot stricter with the rules. It will be a very hard thing to do, there are people that don't like change or can't change. All the golf clubs can really do I think is sign post around the course as much as they can, rules such as slow play and hope they follow it.
  4. yes I understand this but he could still have a big xfactor with a big shoulder turn. There are different ways of achieving speed. Bubba swings very wide with a big arc his power source.does xfactor play a part in speed?
  5. In other words if I don't change anything in my swing apart from restricting my hips a little more will I see improved distance?
  6. no my short game is a much better standard than my driving, my driving is my worst part of my game and I want to improve it. My course is relatively long so I need to have a good short game to play well. Hitting 8 irons and 6 irons to greens and getting close is much easier than hitting 3 irons and 4 irons on some holes. Obviously my hole game could be improved but my driving is the worst part of my game
  7. I want to increase my driver clubhead speed any drills or equipment you recommend? I would average 100mph
  8. What is the most fundamental thing to faster clubhead speed, what is the main source of this fast swing speed, what to do all of the top tour pros have in common? I am fine with my game the biggest let down I have atm is my driving distance and I want to improve it to 300 yards ideally. I would only hit it 250 on average on nice days which is ok I guess but my fairways are wet and you rarely get roll meaning 230 -240 yards average. My swing speed is 100mph average and my clubs are all custom fit. I shoot mid 70s so my technique is ok nothing seriously wrong with it. Is it down to actual strength?(not being ripped), I know technique and all comes into it but what is the big factor?Any drills?
  9. This is the drill he does here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Stwogdbndu4 but he doesn't go in to much detail about it which is why he does it he wants his swing to be simple like me. He does this often even before he hits shots in competition. I will do it to the about half way point and check that the butt of my club is pointing to the ball that way I know im on plane, then all I would have to do is turn back and through, I just wonder if this is what AK does. I also like to take it to the half way point/end of takeway and stop there and check.
  10. Has anyone seen the drill that AK does where he takes the club back about waist high and checks if its in the right position then simply turns back and trhough?My pro gave me a very similar drill that I always worked on and I would like to go back to it because I have been swinging too flat now possibly too upright to compensate this. To do this drill you have to have a good take away stopping parallel to the ground and above your toe line, clubface should by square. Next hinge wrists so butt of club points to the ball putting it on perfect plane your left arm should be parrallel to ground. I believe this is where AK takes his drill to? So basically do those first two moves in one like AK then turn back and through?
  11. I would like to get a trolley for my tour bag and like this powakaddy micra one but the trouble is I would have to buy online which means I don't even know if it would fit my bag or any trolley for that matter since my golf shops don't stock a wide range of trolleys.
  12. ok thanks il probably give the mizuno ones a go becasue they are a good bit cheaper and are made of the same materials might as well give them ago
  13. I would like to buy a pair of rain gloves but dont know which ones are the best anyone have any recommendations. I have read the footjoys are good but seen there are mizuno ones which are cheaper, taylormade ones and callaway ones but I have read zero restriction are the best any pointers?
  14. I got the nike vr pro with the project x and have no regrets love it and well worth the price I paid!
  15. I have always pretty much wanted the 910d2 for the customization and project x shaft since it first came out however I have never been able to justify spending that much money on a golf club. Anyway now the vr pro straight fit driver with the project x is on offer for £129 which I think is very very tempting. I have demoed both of these clubs once. The 910d2 with the rip which is similar to project x was really good and the vr pro with the black fubuki? shaft was ok reckon it would be great in the project x but feels amazing on center hits. I am really considering the nike for that price the 910 wont go down to that for at least another season even with the 913 out soon what do you think? What are the differences in the customization if any?
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