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  1. shot 78 today. from blue tees 6,680 yards. 42 on the front, 36 on the back! missed 2 short putts and started a little shaky with the driver. overall played pretty good for my first 18 of the year
  2. yes. that answers my question, thanks
  3. is a 5.5 shaft a "stiff" shaft? whats the deal on the numbers??
  4. what swing speed ranges would require a regular flex, stiff flex, and x-tra stiff flex? In your opinion... (Driver shaft) Regular ___MPH-___MPH Stiff ___MPH-___MPH X-tra Stiff ___MPH-___MPH thanks
  5. Im getting a new putter THIS WEEKEND and i need advice fast. Ive gotten it narrowed down to these 2 putters now I just need input and opinions. Thanks
  6. the rossa corza is a white putter. it has a circle cut out in the back of it. Garcia and Kuchar have it. Are we talking about the same putter?
  7. does anyone have the Corza Ghost putter? Do you like/dislike it? Is it worth 159.99?
  8. im still a young punk. I probably should have added that to the original post!
  9. last year, I would very rarely walk without a pull cart. When I just got a new bag...i now never use a pull cart, and have seen a improvement in my game. So if you use a pull cart, I recommend you try using without once or twice. Any input? Experiences? Eagles 14
  10. If you can hit a 3W 300 yards STRAIGHT, your doing good. Driver isnt nessesary in my book
  11. 52, 56, 60. Perfect spacing with my 47 pitching wedge that came with my irons. You must have perfect spacing with the wedges...it helps me shoot lower! also make sure your grooves are good and clean before you hit
  12. I went online to bridgestone golf and got ball fitted. I was fitted for the Tour B330 S, and saw that it was selling for $34.99! Is this low price a reflection of its quality? Or is it just a steal? I want a quality ball, and i fear that the bridgestone ball isnt as quality as a Srixon or Titleist. Input please! Thanks
  13. I hit the PING i-15's when being fitted and i must say they felt GREAT. Exellent feel off the face and if you are looking to get new irons i strongly recommend trying them out!
  14. In your expirience if you own a Titleist driver: is the 910 really that much greater than a 909? I see lots of people with the 910 and I would like some opinions if I should dish out that kind of money for one.... Thanks
  15. once i get back from spring break golf trip i am going to buy a sleeve. Stay tuned for my opinion on Pro V1 vs. Z-Star
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