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  1. Was Driving in on the road to my course halfway in i see a club in the road. stopped and picked it up. it was a Ping g2 5 wood. i turned it in to the pro shop. really nice club. thought about keeping it , just couldnt do it.
  2. maybe 200 rounds? since 98, but the last 2 yrs its been atleast once a week, played 5 holes this winter when the course still had snow on some of the holes. im a hoe.
  3. Back to the point of the post, my man was struck by a ball and the guy who did it, acted like a jerk. just think about it like this what if you were putting and someone came over and bashed your leg in with a gap wedge. would you punch him? if you could stand lol. i had the same thing happen to me but wasn't hit by the ball. landed right beside me on the 8th green. i freaked out and started walking to the tee with my putter in baseball mode talking junk to the guy. he was very apologetic . thinking back i should have just said nice chance at double eagle, he was teeing off
  4. You were a better man than me, because i would have Punched dude in his mouth. no questions asked.. he hit you and acted like a douche he needed it.
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