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  1. thanks for the post. especially on your comment of "heavier feel" personal preference in the wedges i think is pretty important. some people dont realize that setups can be very specific to the player. yea having weight in the shaft is pretty important. ive considered trying KBS tour-v shafts in my 54 because its really only a full and partial swing club, not often used for short game. maybe the occasional long bunker i had 8950gh in my irons and spun them up too much. but id consider them in wedges with some tip trimming thanks for the post i appreciate it
  2. just curious what you guys who tinker have setup. im rocking the beloved macgregor vip wedge shafts. this is my second time ill consider reshafting. i play in colorado. long bentgrass. i generally use my 58 more than anything the ball will stop quickly with little to no runout. im recently played bermuda in ocala while on leave, and saw the same kind of spin but with a bit more rollout. i could still pitch very aggresively and stop the ball with ease. i play a 54 and 58 setup. i have a PM grind 60 in the bag for tight around the greens in cabbage but im not happy with the shaft feel or le
  3. just a recap. bought tour edge cb4 tour in 9* . aldila rip sigma claimed to sit in between a beta and alpha to appease the masses. to me it feels like a brute of a shaft. stiffer than the 3 wood i just had reshafted which has an aldila NV 75 tipped a 1/2 inch at 41.625 or something. it was the previous owner of my older 3-woods experimentation. i use it as an alignment rod not important. anyways ive slowly started to figure out the shaft. i still have trouble shutting the face and turning it over. ive considered the slightly softer mid section Aldila RIP phenom which still spins very low
  4. I didn't entirely cut them out but I cut out quite a few. Between end of last season and now I've tried everything. Nike all 3 types of speed, pro, and flex drivers. Cobra Ltd and f6+. Titleist d2 and d3. My favorites were the xr pro and xr16 pro, Cobra Ltd pro, and the G LS tec. The xr was probably the winner even though it perform similar to the LS tec. LS tec just too hard at contact and loud. The reason I initially did not like adjustable clubs is because the feel seems compromised. The Taylor made and Titleist drivers don't have much feel to me. Callaway changed my perception of that
  5. Hey guys seeing as the ping i15 had a hard time reducing spin, lowest seeing 2900ish, I decided to get a version advertised as "low spin". Seeing as I'm partial towards tour edge, I got their cb4 9* lightly used. Now the stock shaft aldila rip sigma which is claimed to be between an alpha and beta, is quite a trying shaft. I'm gonna try an aldila rip phenom as a compromise and so how I go. I'm currently in a hybrid and putter fenangling. So the adjustments to the bag are coning slowly
  6. I play an i15 9.5 with a ping 700d stiff flex driver. I hit it at golfsmith recently when I thought I might be spinning it too high. The shop guy said it was me. I wasn't releasing the club. After a few swings and a quick mental fix to release the club a bit more I was getting total distance mid 280s, but distinctively remember one shot going 286 with a slight push draw and spinning 3880ish and for some reason remembered that number. Now I talked to the same tech recently after they messed up a shafts order and was hitting the finally finished product, and he thought near 4k was a lot of
  7. Understood. And all I have to say is that I have mishit and hit this club pure. There is not, in my opinion, much difference in feel. Very firm. No real sense of accomplishment after contact. Different circumstances in forged. This is an age old argument.
  8. With all do respect, I know how to hit a wedge. And cavity backs are meant t felt well struck in a larger area, hence the cavity back. Forged are firmer. But a cast blade wedge to me and even firmer still. I wouldn't post on a forum a question unless I knew ahead of time I could hit the club in question. Now onto the question. Does anybody have any forged wedges, or have hit kronus wedges in question, and can suggest a good traditional forged wedge. And to be fair nike was a mid level golf company 10 years ago and is now one of the titans in the industry. Recent info is most important
  9. Unfortunately I do see the difference. I bought a 50* Vokey sm4 and didn't realize it was a cast club. Kindve incredible that brand new the things are 145?? My only indication of a good hit is flight and a suggested sound. But to me every shot feels like a mishit. Very firm, if not harsh. I also have trouble with short game distance control with it as well as trajectory. I usually never have issues with that. I do like the new K grind vokey. But I could do that with any wedge. Too expensive again. I do like the newer callys. They look incredible
  10. I want something similiar. No strange cavity back wedges. I'm a feel kind of player so how the VIPs feel is actually quite exceptionally good.
  11. Recently I've been looking into forged wedges. I currently have macgregor VIP forged. Which are made by golfsmith with pre-2010 grooves. I like forged. And unique wedges. Only wedges by big names I'm interested in are mizuno and cleveland wedges. But Jim Kronus from "iron factory" is a well reputed refinisher. Anybody playing either kronus or iron factory wedges?
  12. I haven't not hit the i25 or callaway. I'll admit the 915 d3 does look very nice. I'm not such a big fan or the alignment aid in fact I'd prefer hardly visible, or no alignment aid quite honestly. The i15 fits the bill nicely. But it's a bit hard on center hits and although it tells me where I've gone wrong in terms of the fact contact. I don't get enough of a positive sensation when hit flush. Mostly the results are what I draw from. Unfortunately I hit my first round of the season with it 2 days ago and it was fighting hard to stay in the bag. I could place the ball anywhere. There were some
  13. Need SUGGESTIONS. ive been gaming this club for just over a year. and althought i dont mind its challenge, id like for something a little nicer to hit. not neccessarily in terms of forgiveness. if theres a way to keep the more traditional shape and still be able to work the ball id go for that club. i havent had the time to research the new stuff. and even so, the new stuff is never up to what the clubmakers put them out to be. the only club ive looked at is "older". cleveland classic XL custom. i love the shape more than the ping and have heard its one of the best feeling drivers.
  14. sorry for the wait..I got away from thesandtrap for a while and just kept playing the irons I currently have with the 950s. I should've abandoned all the speculation and just got fitted because for my swing speed the nippons were playing a 3.7 in flex frequency. (not acceptable) I got a little upset with the golf shop I originally bought the irons from seeing I was fitted so poorly. Since then they have acquired a simulator. I went to a local golf ETC and swung a taylor made iron for fitting purposes with the following shafts: true temper dynamic gold s300 kbs tour
  15. i played all this year with Wilson staff balls. i started with fg tour x balls but they weren't the best feeling off the putter. Prov1 x was better off the putter. i finished the season and am still using regular fg tours. Not.too much spin off the irons but increased spin off the driver. Great directional control and solid distance i think they are a steal and many players should consider them
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