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  1. Played in a bunch of golf matches this year... worst 18- 83, best- 71... worst 9-hole match- 41, best- 34(2x).
  2. I just use my mind to move the ball around the course.
  3. +2 with two three-putts. I wish I could putt.
  4. 0% I personally think there is no way for someone to be a scratch player after 1 year. But I want you to prove me wrong, that would be an amazing feat.
  5. My sophomore year, I shot a 31 in a nine-hole match with a three-putt bogey on the second hole. I one putted all of the rest. :P My best 18 hole score is a 71 a couple of weeks ago during golf tryouts. There's a par 3 course that I work at and my best there is a 23. That's about it.
  6. Ah, a fellow Nashvillian. We played Riverside, not that hard of a course. Where are you from?
  7. We didn't really have try-outs for my team this year because our 1, 2, 4, and 5 were all out of town. We did have me, the 3, and our 6 and 7. I shot 71 and 6 shot 95 and 7 shot 106. We had our first match last Tuesday and beat two ballin' opponents with these scores: 1-66, a sophomore that was born with a club in his hand. 2-72 Me-73 4-79 We shot a 290 and beat two district rivals by 3 and 9 strokes.
  8. Thank you, thementhol, that was the joke. Paula Creamer owns all.
  9. Totally awesome. I liked how the cell phones called eachother...
  10. Nike One Blacks actually used to be black... and Tiger even played them. That was awhile ago and I don't know if they still make them. They look so cool.
  11. Wow, that is a ballin' wedge... I'm thinking about doing a custom paint job on my putter or maybe my wedges...
  12. Played with part of my golf team at our first unofficial practice. Couldn't hit a tee shot until the back nine but the course is so short it didn't matter. 37-34= 71... Finally got it back. :)
  13. Thought of another: When your shot is heading way left or way right and someone says "come back!" It's not a boomerang, it's a golf ball.
  14. Congrats! And yes, it counts. Especially at 140 yards. My friend and I have a combined 15 at a local par 3 course where we work and have played over 400 rounds at in 3 years. We count all of them even though my 6 were on "holes" less than 90 yards.
  15. If you ban these belly and long putters because of an unfair advantage, then there will be a lot of golf purists saying ban alignment putters like the 2-ball. I know that's completely ridiculous, but still...
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