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  1. Since it has been on a while, does anyone have an opinion? I hated it at first but now it is growing on me. Still can't stand EK but Gary Williams seems like a nice enough golf dweeb. They put a lot of effort into the show but if they would just simulcast Peter Kessler, their ratings would skyrocket. My favorite part is they get a lot of great guests. Would be nice if they would do a 2nd 2 hour show for the west coast and engage live social media more with Twitter, Facebook, calls etc.
  2. Shot shape is generally dictated by grip and swing path. Strengthen your grip and make sure your downswing path is inside of your backswing path. If you release the club, you'll hit a draw. Now controlling it is another matter. As Lee said, "you can talk to a fade but a hook won't listen". Good luck