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  1. Same problem with me with my driver!! High Slice and or a pull draw/hook type thing! Help!
  2. Ok so it must be my imagination!!! Why is it so hard to believe?? As i said, i am 23, 5'11, 13.7 stone an ex rugby player and can one rep max in bench press is 125kg, therefore by general standards I would be strong. If I was asking for help and advice on a forum, why the hell would i lie???? To boost my ego in front of people i dont know?? Also i greatly appreciate all of the advice that I am getting.
  3. Thanks lads for the help.... getting some good insights. Im not 100% sure on the swing speed but in comparion withothers (who have been tested) it is above 95! The 1 iron is a tour grind blade!! Not sure of the year but i reshafted and regripped it!! Beautiful looking club. Coincidently i also bought a wilson staff fat shaft semi blade 1 and 2 iron. All were bought in the last month and a half long after i got my handicap down. But the 1 iron tour grind has now become a permanent club in the bag!! 1 fundamental thing that I do do is I change my balance when hitting my w
  4. The reason i bought the 1 iron is because my 3 iron was one of the most solid clubs in my bag so i bought a 1 iron with the exact same regular steel shaft and grip to compensate for when my 3 wood has its bad days. My irons have always been my strong game!! Iv always been a big hitter with the 3 wood and in general!! My average distance with a PW is 150 yards+ and 3 iron being 205+ and 1 iron at between 250 and 275!!
  5. Hi Guys, I have a general query changing shafts from a regular graphite to stiff in my driver. I play off 7 and in getting down to 7 I have rarely used my Driver (Big Bertha Tit 454) I got it as a present numerous years ago but can never, no matter how good im playing can ever hit it. Instead I use my 3 wood which on the majority of occasions I hit between 280 and 300 yards roughy. I have a very fast swing and as a result I invested in a 1 iron (which has soon become 1 of my favourite clubs in the bag) but my thinking on the matter is that to bring my handicap down to 3/4 i need to sort ou
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