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  1. Hey everyone. One of my favorite things about golf are the jokes. They are everywhere and VERY funny. So lets have a place where we can go and tell jokes and funny stories that you have seen, herd or.... you were the punch line to. So lets here them everyone. It's always a good time for a joke or two.
  2. yeah, I have hybrids that I LOVE!! I use them off the deck and off the tee. they work great a i have a good spread of distances between the two that i have but between my 5wood and 3 wood and driver, threr is no distance change. i keep my driver in my bag instead of the woods because... well, it's my driver.( Tough-guy complex talking there )
  3. I have a problem with the distance of my golf clubs and i would like some advice. My woods and my driver all hit the same distance which is 250. I usually leave my woods at home because I know that I won't need them. Any ideas as too what my problem might be. I should also add that I play in the mid 90's and have only been at it for a few yrs.
  4. I would think that if you become good enoughthat you notice the decrese in performance from a golf ball that you would be changing the balls more often. I am not very consistant with my shots so i would never notice when the balls are damaged and hurting my game. so i wouldn't change them till the become extremely broken or lost. If you were really consistant, you'd be changing them every round.
  5. ok that makes sense, so then my other question would be how do i know what wedge or club to use around the green? i'd like to be more confident in choosing clubs for my work around the green. but the truth is that i never know how each club will react and how much bouce vs rolll i will be getting. so i usually play it safe and get a 5 or a 7 iron and putt the ball on. can anyone help with this?
  6. But using the forward and back in my stance idea, shouldn't that change my club distances as well? I havn't had the chance to try that yet, i will next weekend, but i would tend to think that de-lofting a club would take yardage off aswell?!?!
  7. Hey guys and Gals. I have question about wedges. I was told that the amount of bounce is the most important part about picking wedges. So how do I now how much bounce is right for me. is more bounce better for one task than it is for another. I'm not in the sand very much, but when I am I need all the help I can get to get out of it. I'm usually always just off the green so I use my wedges alot around the green. I'm strougling to get the ball to spin enugh to stop when it hits the green. Are all the ses thing affected by the bouce on the wedge? Can anyone help with this?
  8. OK maybe "course managment" was a bad example for a pole answer, i'll give you that much. But the pole still answer the Question that I was asking. That buying new clubs should be a last resort for gaining extra yardage. Put money aside for a second, and say that you've alread purchased a brand new club because the guys at the proshop tell you that this new club will help you work the ball better and will get you 10 more yards and that it can help with this and that. Lets just say that you got it out the course and with the excitment building up you swing your new club on the first tee
  9. My grand father walks along the river in our city and fishes. Along part of the river is a golf course. So along with his fishing rod he also brings his golf ball retreiver. Last christmas he gave me a big moving box full of used golf balls. Titleist, callaway, srixon, newer ones and abused ones, yellow ones, pink ones, white ones blue ones. Thousands of them. The box was so SOOO heavy and SOOO full that he had rope tied all around it to keep the box togeather. He'd been collecting them since I first started playing 3 years ago. So needless to say i'll be playing used golf balls until t
  10. Does that include replies or just new threads?
  11. Does anyone know how to put a signature at the bottom of your threads in the forums?
  12. So I am getting to be more in-tune with my irons and the kind of shots that I am able to hit. I’ve come to the point were I’d like to start understanding the different golf shots that are possible. From what I can find on the internet there are 9 basic golf shots. I’m talking about hitting a high, medium, and a low fade shot, a high, medium, and low straight shot and a high, medium and low draw shot. I am able to hit the draws and fades, but I am struggling to learn how to hit shots with different height trajectories. Is it just a matter of moving the ba
  13. I can totally agree with you. I have purchased a set of adams ideas tech A4's that are severl years old but i got them brand new. The price new i'm sure was $600 or $700 but i got them for less that $200. Great deal and they are brand new. cutting corners is what it's all about! this is not a cheap game to play so you have to learn to be thrifty when you can!!
  14. Ok all you callaway wearing, titleist supporting, Membership holding golfers out there. Lets talk budget!! It's no sectret that the economic down turn has affected us all in some form or another. I am not new to this and have greatly felt the squize on the credit card. So i asked myself, Does this game really need to be so expensive? The answer my friends might surprise you! What is the average price for a driver these days? $300?....$400?... $500? More? For what? an extra 10-15 yrds. Lets face it, were not pro's. This is not how we make a living. My kids will not be put t
  15. I'm 26 and 5"10. I can only hit 240 when it"s straight. My slices seem like they would go so much further if they were straight.Lol.
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