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  1. Hi my name is chris and i just joined the forums. I just started started golfing april of 2010. i went out with some family in october to a course called cedar hills. was having a pretty good day for me. we got to the 16 hole which is a par 3. the four of us all hit a bad shot off the tee and decided we should all hit a mulligan. everyone lands on the green and its my shot. a friend of mine hit his ball about a foot away from the hole and i said to him how can i hit now after that lol. i took out my pitching wedge and took aim at the flag my ball hit the front of the green and rolled forward right by his ball hit the flag and dropped in. no one could see my ball but we all heard it hit the pin. i said theres no way it went in. we drove up to the green got out and sure enough my ball was in the hole. everyone went crazy even the guys waiting on the next tee. should i feel good about it? it was a mulligan so technically not a true hole in one.
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