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  1. Like 155-165 depending on swing/trajectory
  2. Shorts and a tee shirt. If it gets really cold I might switch to pants.
  3. I HATE the back 9 there. Some horrible course design there. But the front is amazing, love just about every hole.
  4. No rakes? What the hell is that?! That is one of the more stupid things I have heard a course do.
  5. Since I saw someone in my group do this before (randomly assigned playing partner) and seen it happen to my ball I am not crazy.
  6. I always thought I had to take the penalty, didn't know that rule! On an off topic note I have been working hard on my driving accuracy the past few weeks in preparation for TR. I actually hit 6/8 fairways on the last 9 I played. So that means porbably 4 penalty strokes at TR
  7. There is an even that really grinds my gears like no other. This happened to me during my round Sunday, I pushed my drive on the 10th tee into a group of trees to the right, I watched the ball settle down into the grass knowing exactly where it ended up and proceeded to let my playing partners hit. So as I walk up to where my ball landed I see a ball right there, but it was not the brand new TP Red I hit, it was a top flite xl. I had noticed the group on the 18th hole which is adjacent rumaging around there and thought nothing of it, but they had obviously pulled the old switcheroo on my ball.
  8. P3R3

    Moe Norman

    The only person Bill Brasky has ever lost to was Moe Norman.
  9. P3R3

    Mini Tour Play

    Awesome job on the win Ben! Watching you start birdie birdie at rustic right after you got out of the car was some of the best opening golf I have seen first hand. We should def do that again.
  10. Thinking about Rustic Canyon this weekend if anyone is interested. I am craving some links golf action.
  11. Shot a 90 at Hansen Dam Muni in pacoima.
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