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  1. I went shopping last night and went down the isle where I buy my protein mix and was amazed by the amount of shelf space allotted to coconut water. Thought about giving it a whirl but at 18g of carbs, i couldn't do it.
  2. Whenever I am unable to make it out to the course, I'll go to the local driving range that is open til 10. I typically use the mats because the lighting is better and the grass is spotty and every lie resembles GUR. The mats are worn out and provide very little cushion, so fat shots wreck havoc on my left wrist and elbow. I like going out there because I am able to hit balls at night, but am curious if hitting off of mats are going to hurt my game. Plus, I feel that I am able to make up for mistakes when hitting behind the ball since the club bounces into the ball and produces a decent shot. A
  3. I thought about adding extra tape to my wedges so that they had the same feel as the rest of my clubs, but a friend of mine who is a scratch golfer told me not to because it would hinder my ability to release the club around the green. I have no idea if he is right, but it made sense to me. I would love to get some insight on this.
  4. Depends on where I'm playing. From the tips I'll hit it 4-5 times, from the blues maybe once a round.
  5. I am about to take my clubs in for new grips and figured I might as well tweak my set while the grips are off. Other than lies and lofts, are there any other variables I should look into? Spinner shafts for wedges, adding weight, lengthening or shortening shafts, puring shafts...? If it matters, I consistently hit a fade throughout the bag. I have tried setting up for a draw, gripping the club with a closed face, over exaggerating an inside-out swing path, and strengthening my grip without much improvement. Is there anything a club fitter can do to correct this? Personally, I do not min
  6. Thanks for the input. Looks like we are going to regroup the whole set. Now the tough part, GP TV Cords, GP ND MCC, or lamkin crossline cords?
  7. Starting to plan a golf trip to Destin or Gulf Shores this summer and am looking for some advice. Will be taking the girlfriend so somewhere on the beach or close to it would be ideal. Any ideas?
  8. Ben Hogan Script & Sun, Callaway Newton logo, or Mizuno Logo
  9. Great point. It is lighter and longer. I played this past weekend and hit it really well. I guess I'm going to have to learn to live with the massive clubhead.
  10. I'm looking to change my grips and am curious about peoples opinions on uniformity in their set. I currently have 7 different grips in my bag, mainly because I kept the OEM grips on each club after purchase. I really dislike the grips on my clubs, woods in particular, and am trying to decide whether or not to re-grip the whole set with one style or to mix it up (e.g. firm corded grips for irons, tacky grips for wedges, nonslip grips for woods) Any opinions?
  11. Until 2008 I used a 10 deg. Great Big Bertha. Over the years I hit this club consistently. Not extremely far (~270) but straight. I switched to the 10 deg. Neutral I-Mix in 2008 and although I can crush it when I hit it in the screws (+300), I tend to spray it all over the course which leads to me punching out of trouble. I think some of my issues derive from standing over the ball at address and feeling like I'm going to have to swing harder in order to generate club head speed with this monster sized head. What I am curious about is if I switch to a new driver with a smaller head, wil
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